Caramel Custard | How to make Caramel Custard with Chocolate topping

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We are starting the second week of BM # 24 and I decided to do Dessert, thinking that would be easiest to please with my kids. Little did I know I would end up being so confused with what to make. Of course, anything chocolate will disappear no time. Even though I have loads of chocolate recipes to try, I really wanted to try something different and see if my kids like it.

I had this Caramel Custard in mind for a long time and I simply had to do this. I made this over the weekend and wanted to make the rest as well. Guess I was being too optimist. I did only one and never came around the rest. I am not sure if I will be able to manage this week. Let’s see how things go.

Sending this to Veena who is hosting my Kid’s Delight Edition

Coming back to this recipe, I made the caramelised sugar, wanted to do an exclusive post on that. So once I do that, I will update this post with that details. Till then you got to just know that sugar is melted directly and then water added and cooked on high to get that brown liquid. I topped with chocolate scrapping, some ended up being little chunks, no doubt it surely added to the final taste.

I made it in individual serving bowls and it was really so delicious! I even kept some in freezer and served it couple of days later, well I completed it all myself. Konda liked it and I liked it even much better.

Step by Step Pictures

Caramel Custard with Chocolate scrapping.

Ingredients Needed

Sugar – 1/4 cup
Milk – 1/2 litre
Custard Powder (Vanilla flavored) – 4 tbsps
Chocolate – 3 teaspoons (scraped or powdered)
Vanilla essence few drops

How to make Caramel Custard

Make Sugar Caramelize and keep it aside 
Mix custard powder with 20 ml milk and keep it aside. Make sure the milk is not hot, else you won’t be able to make a smooth paste.
In a thick bottom pan, boil milk and add sugar. Reduce the flame.
Now add the custard milk mixture to the boiling milk. Cook for 5 minutes till it thickens.
Now add vanilla essence and remove from fire. In individual serving bowls, add the caramelized sugar first.
On the caramelized sugar add the custard mixture and add the chocolate powder on the top.
Cool it and refrigerate for 1 hour.
Serve as such or reserved.

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Caramel Custard | How to make Caramel Custard with Chocolate topping

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