Banarasi Tamatar Ki Chaat

Banarasi Tamatar Chaat

Banarasi Tamatar Ki Chaat is a tangy lip smacking chaat that is popular in the city of Banaras. You can find this one only in this city and is surely something you must try. This chat is a spicy preparation where tomatoes are mixed with grated ginger, green chilies and spices with the addition of […]

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Dahi Gujiya ~ Holi Special Dahi Gujiya

Dahi Gujiya

Dahi Gujiya is a stuffed Dahi vada from Uttar Pradesh. These savory gujias are made with urad dal stuffed with khoya, nuts, topped with curds and spices. For the seventh day of the Mandatory Week in BM#104 Sweets & Snacks, we chose Dahi Gujiya. When this was suggested, I said this is same as Dahi […]

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Peethi Ki Paronthi | Lentil Stuffed Flatbread

Peethi ki Paronthi

Peethi Ki Paronthi is a stuffed paratha with a spiced Urad dal filling. Paronthi is smaller and thinner than regular paratha. From the recipe I adapted, I read an interesting story on what a Paronthi means. Anyway, it is said that paronthi is smaller and thinner than regular parathas, and for many years ago, people […]

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Choorie Ka Parantha from Uttar Pradesh

Choorie Ka Parantha

Choorie Ka Parantha or Churi Paratha is a flatbread from Uttar Pradesh, where powdered Split Yellow Moong dal is soaked in water and then mixed with Atta with spices to make a flaky paratha similar to Warqi Paratha. My initial choice was Chotha, that I had bookmarked from Vaishali. However, since I was looking for […]

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Moong Dal Kachori | How to make Khasta Moong Dal Kachori

Moong Daal Kachori

Khasta Moong Dal Kachori is a sinful deep fried ball from the North Indian Cuisine, filled with ground moong dal with spices and deep fried in a flaky outer layer. When I planned for Rajasthani Thali, I had asked Vaishali for a starter or snack and she suggested I make this. While I already have […]

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Mathura Ke Dubki Wale Aloo | How to make Dubki Wale Aloo

Dubki Wale Aloo is delicious UP style spicy potato curry served especially for breakfast in Uttar Pradesh and Delhi. Apart from being served in breakfast, Dubki wale aloo along with poori makes a way to an elaborate vegetarian meal during marriages in villages.You can relish this curry during fasts as it is no onion no […]

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Sultani Dal ~ Uttar Pradesh Awadhi Thali

Second in the Indian States is the Awadhi Cuisine from Uttar Pradesh. Awadhi cuisine is known for its rich food. The Cuisine is influenced by the Mughal cooking style and the cuisine has much similarities to Kashmir, Punjab and Hyderabad. Reading about this cuisine, I realized the many dishes that are commonly found in other […]

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Awadhi Dum Bhindi

The other side dish that I made was this Awadhi Dum Bhindi. I saw this in Rajani‘s post and she had adapted it from here. Though this is a regular subji made all over India, the Dum process might bring out different flavours. I enjoyed it with Lacha Paratha. Awadhi Dum Bhindi Ingredients Needed Lady’s finger / […]

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Uttar Pradesh Awadhi Thali

Since I do not have a personal knowledge of the cuisine, I simply didn’t want to explore or learn new things. I trusted Vaishali to have done all the research!..thank you Vaishali. As I said I wanted to have a similar menu and cooked all the dishes that I was yet to make. Awadhi Cuisine […]

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Khamiri Roti, Dal Makhani from Uttar Pradesh

When it came to Uttar Pradesh, I was again debating what to choose from. I already seem to have made some that belong to this rich cuisine. This state has two very rich cuisines, Awadhi cuisine and Mughlai cuisine. Both as one can see, has such rich and popular dishes belonging to it. The dum […]

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