Diet Program ~ Day 4

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Day went off so fast, though I did lot of work in terms of being productive. Missed having my lemon juice today and included par boiled Cabbage for lunch.

Cabbage is supposed to be very good while on diet, though this is not advised for people with hypothyroid. It suited me very well and I used to have this par boiled every day and it was also part of the soup.

The way I do it is very simple, add little water, steam cook it in sim for 5 – 7 mins. The cabbage has to be crunchy.

Here’s my 4thd day schedule.

6.30 am – 1 tsp Ajwain and Warm up
7 am – Coffee with no biscuits ..:)
9.30 am – 1 slice of bread
10.30 am – 1 bowl of Veg Soup with 2 Breads slices
11.30 am Buttermilk
12.30 pm 1 carrot
1.15 pm – 2 pulkas, Radish Sambar, Lady’s Finger Stir Fry, Cabbage Salad, Buttermilk.
8.15 pm – Brown Chickpea salad

See that long gap, I was sipping lot of water in between, was not feeling hungry at all!
Hope your day went well!

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  1. Good Good! 🙂

    Try and get whole grain bread there if you can. Better than white bread, get lot of fiber. Also white Bread, Chapatis and rice, these are all carbs with similar calories, so you can skip Phulkas one day and have a cup of rice once in a while with lot of dal,beans and veggies. I would be craving for rice after eating 3 days of Chapatis! 😀

    Me? same thing. Had a slice of toast. OJ and cofee. Didn't have any leftover, so I made a cup of Bhelpuri with Salsa and ready made Bhelmix. Will have tea shortly and dinner is 2 dosas and Bendekai gojju! Have to get on the bike now and then drive to school to get my son at 4-30pm! 🙂
    It is nice to see how you are doing while sharing my eating habits too.

  2. Hi all! Sri, thanks for the reply..Im trying to follow ur menu somewhat and then also trying to incorporate Asha's advice..:)
    Today i had some cereal for Bf and then 1 leftover chappati. Lunch was a (mis)adventure..the mung dal got totally mushed up and i made mung dal chappati and it turned out to be a v nice surprise. So Lunch was Mung dal phulkas-3, with chickpea curry, cauliflower methi stir fry and a small salad…didnt eat anything much..but indulged in baby's leftover cake piece 🙁
    Dinnerat 7:15pm – 5 small steamed rava balls with spciy lentil chutney and now at 11:30 pm am hungry so had a small cup of milk with nutmeg (read somewhere its good for health). Hubby dear is also in this diet! 🙂 He likes it he says :))
    wishing ya'll a blessed day!

  3. Thanks for the info on Cabbage..I didn't know it would hinder hypothyroid medication…now I need to see what other vegetables/ingredients could affect my medication..

  4. Asha, Ambika, crispus Thank you so much for the encouragement and sharing your own plans. As you must know I am following on your schedules too.

    Radhika, As I said this is what my dietician told me, but do please consult your doctor on this fact. But I must say that Cabbage worked wonders for me, I used to eat it par bliled every day, including having it in the soup.

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