E for Eggplant Chops

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For the letter E, there was never a need to think of anything else. Amma had made this dish once and I decided this is what I was going to do for E. Of course I had to resort to using the English name for this. Amma called it Kathrikai chops, going by the famous mutton chops. I am told that this dish has the same crazy as the mutton chops would have.

I am not sure how much this is true as I have never lived in Andhra, however, Andhrites are known for their affinity to Brinjal/ Eggplant. In fact, there is a song dedicated to the goodness and yumminess of brinjals. My daddy is very fond of brinjal and can have it in any form. So I knew he must have loved this dish as well.

The first time I tasted this, I felt I had to use this for the ABC series. There was no question of using this for any other letter. In fact, this vegetable can fit into so many letters, that it’s amazing. One Vegetable and I could have used it for so many letters as it is also called as Aubergine, Brinjal, Eggplant, Garden egg, Melongene, Kathirikai, Vankaya, and if there are more I am not aware!

Since all my other letters had some options I could’ve used it for V but it didn’t strike me at all. I was fixed on using it as Eggplant as I was running short of options for E. Well as my friends who have been with me on this Dish hunt for each letter, would tell you, you will understand only if you go through it..:)

End of the day I was happy I selected as this was such a delicious dish and as the bard says, What’s in a name!

For E, we have Eggplant Chops

Eggplant Chops

Ingredients Needed:

For the Chops

Eggplant – 500 gms
Salt to taste
Oil – 100 gms
Onions – ¼ cup (1/2 of a medium)
Tomato – ¼ cup
Water – ½ cup

For the paste

Coconut paste – 1 cup
Ginger – 1 inch
Garlic  – 3 cloves
Green chilies – 4 – 5 long
Cinnamon – 1”

How to make the Chops

Grind all the ingredients listed under the paste, to a smooth paste using water.

Wash and slit the eggplants through the middle into 4 parts, keeping one end intact. Stuff the masala into the eggplants. Keep it aside.

Heat a nonstick pan with oil, saute the onions till brown, then add tomatoes, once the tomatoes turn soft, add the stuffed eggplant along with the masala. Simmer and cook for 5 mins.

Then add water and continue cooking till the masala is well cooked and the eggplant turns soft. This takes about 10 mins or so.

Serve with Chapatis

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E for Eggplant Chops

Cuisine Andhra Pradesh
Author Srivalli
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  1. That is a wonderful way to make eggplants..normally we used to stuff the small size brinjals..but this surely is interesting.will pass the recipe to my daughters as they love them..we don't get them in the house, me being allergic to them.

  2. I too love eggplant in every form. Baigan in Hindi, Vaangi in Marathi and Ringna in Gujarati are three more words I can tell you for this very versatile vegetable.
    We too make similar stuffed eggplants but this masala is so very different that I must try it.

  3. Mutton chops madhiri eggplant chops huh nice name loving the paste ingredients have lot of brinjal at home here comes my dinner recipe thanks for sharing valli ji.

  4. egg plants are so versatile – they lend themselves to so many varieties.. I have a stuffed version coming up at the fag end of this BM

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