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  1. Suma Gandlur says

    What an interesting laddu recipe, Valli. Had no idea at all that there were these seeds and they were used in cooking. Sound very yummy with the ingredients that went in there.

  2. vaishali sabnani says

    The ladoos look delicious..never mind what has been used, but they surely are tempting. Some alphabets are truly difficult to crack, specially if the language is not known.

  3. Amara Annapaneni says

    Never heard of these seeds Valli, you are such a professional when it comes to cooking. Those ladoos are very tempting:)

  4. Sandhya Ramakrishnan says

    This is the hardest challenge we face when we deal with foreign languages. These laddoos are so interesting. Never heard of these and glad that Archana could send it to you. You have really worked hard for this.

  5. Usha says

    It is difficult to know the ingredients in local language when it is not out native. I was unsure if I use the right English name for my today's post. Anyway, ladoo looks tempting

  6. Harish says

    One of the main advantages of doing American recipes is the convenience with the language. Ladoo looks fabulous!

  7. Kalyani says

    Kudos on ur effort Valli !! The ladoo looks healthy n delicious

  8. Sapana Behl says

    Wow you did a lot of research and presented an interesting and unique recipe of ladoo.They sounds delicious.

  9. Gayathri Kumar says

    All your laddoo posts are so nice Valli. I think we don't get the seeds here. Will ask Archana to bring some for our next meet..

  10. Padma Rekha says

    When I saw the name I thought of Hyderabadi Haleem Now I came to know what Halim is wonderful choice Valli laddoo s are looking delicious...

  11. The Pumpkin Farm says

    i had this by dozens post shlok....even otherwise i always loved have had the patience to create complex recipes not amused but amazed by your dedication

  12. Srividhya Gopalakrishnan says

    Delicious ladoos.. I had similar name confusions too. 😉

  13. Priya Suresh says

    I never heard about this seeds, quite a new one for me, those laddoos looks prefect and healthy.

  14. Smruti Shah says

    Such an interesting recipe Valli. I have heard Avil seeds for the first time. Great choice for H, super innovative!

  15. Harini-Jaya R says

    You should post the picture of the seeds Valli. Just for reference. Never heard of these though. Sounds very interesting.

  16. Nalini's Kitchen says

    Sounds new to me,never heard of this seed.BTW ladoo looks delicious and nutritious.

  17. Chef Mireille says

    never before seen watercress seeds - would love to see what they look like - I am on ladoo overload - they all look so delicious

  18. veena krishnakumar says

    This is an interesting recipe Valli. Very new to me. Looks nice

  19. Ruchi Indu says

    Interesting ladoo recipe. Havent heard of this seeds though. will have to check if I get it near my place..

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