Join me for a feast on “AtoZ Biryani / Pulao / Khichadi Festival!”


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Join me to enjoy a feast with A to Z “Biryani / Pulao / Khichadi Festival!” all of this April.

I must have said already, I love Flatbreads and doing an AtoZ Indian and International Flatbreads was so much fun and was comparatively easy too. Doing with grains was a tough nut to crack as I had to really plan so much.

As expected I started quite late and on top had to make life hard for myself. So I opted to make AtoZ series of Biryani, Pulao, and Khichdi. I also ensured I picked from different states as much as I could.

All these dishes are from simple to elaborate biryanis and I was happy that I managed the list without using any Adjectives for the tough alphabets.

Since this list had elaborate Rice dishes, I picked up a different sub theme for Cooking 4 all Seasons.


I was ready with the list a long time back as we had finalized the theme almost many months ago. I am so used to doing marathon cooking over weekends. However, I always thought doing that with Rice theme would be tough. Only while doing this did I realize we can do anything if we want to.

Since the time was so short, I had to really plan the dishes well in advance. So some of them were grouped and prepared. I was lucky that my folks were fine eating the different rice dishes that came on the table.

Do join in to enjoy the feast!

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