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BM Sep 2018

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Indian Flatbreads are one of my favorite dishes and doing a series on A to Z was the ultimate fun thing I could come up with. My list for A to Z Indian Flatbread was ready when I made A to Z International Flatbreads. In fact, I planned certain themes having these bread in mind.

When planning for the September 2018, we decided to include 2 more themes to make it easy for everybody to join. So we got in A to Z Indian Bread that included Batter based bread like the Dosas, Crepes, and Pancakes that are from the Indian States.

You can read more about the clauses we have for A to Z Flatbreads and more…where we have 3 themes. As always the A to Z theme comes with its regular clauses like not more than 3 countries/city names, limited use of Adjectives and colors can repeat countries/cities for max 3 times etc.


One of the main things I wanted to focus was exploring authentic dishes and not repeat too many from the same state. Since I have been obsessed with Flatbreads, I have most of the famous and popular Flatbreads already.

However, I was amazed that I still managed to find new and unique flatbreads for this series. I have repeated some states for want of alphabets, while I also managed not using any adjectives.

Though the themes are decided and planned many months ahead, we still end up preparing at the last moment. Its been the same this round as well. In fact, it had become even more hectic with unexpected things coming up randomly, with my server hosting my sites etc.

Plus I was doing a theme on Cooking 4 all Seasons as well. I simply can’t seem to give up that thought. I have picked up another theme and am halfway through completion. Well doing once, makes it mandatory that I do the second time as well!

Except for a couple of dishes, that were done way ahead, rest all were done during August in the most hurried fashion. So I am not very happy with the clicks I seem to have done. Time was never on my side. Anyway, these things haven’t discouraged me. I have managed to get the week 1 done.

So come tomorrow and enjoy the journey!


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