Vegetarian Burger with Tofu Patties | How to make Tofu Patty Burger

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We are starting the second week of BM#50 today. I will be sharing some of the dishes listed under American Sandwiches. when I landed first in this listing, I was so excited that one could have a choice of so many variations. I actually didn’t look deeper. I was all for taking up this theme and infact even thought I might do it twice.
However when it was time to short list some of the dishes, I was shocked to note that there hardly was much choice for vegetarians. I must have went up and down the same list some 10 times, before concluding that I have landed myself in a soup. Most of the vegetarian options I have already blogged about.
Still I was hopeful something will turn out good. I decided that maybe I could do a new veggie patty with more vegetables included. That further helped me arriving at with some ideas.
What you will be reading about for the next three days are my take on what I read from the list. I have made sure I wasn’t indiazising the dish. I can’t help if something sneaked in. 

Since I realized that kids are not very keen on Tofu, I decided it will help if I try to sneak it through something. It worked as the patties I made for the burger were with Tofu and nobody found it out. I had declared that it was going to be burgers for dinner. I always think I shouldn’t declare, as I find the kids after me forever to get it done. Still I end up doing it, maybe as an encouragement for myself. So finally I made it for dinner.
Peddu was so excited and loved every bit of it. I had added peas forgetting that he doesn’t like it. Seeing it, he was saying he doesn’t want peas ones. I again had to hid them in the burger! The way my kids force me to hide things in their food, makes me wonder how they will ever get to like everything.
Anyway I was happy they altleast ate their burgers without complaints.

Vegetarian Burger with Tofu Patties

Homemade Burger Buns
Cucumber slices
Onion Slices
Eggless Mayonnaise Sauce
Cheese slices
Tomato Ketchup

For the Tofu patties

Tofu, grated – 1 cup
Boiled Potato, mashed – 1/2 cup
Fresh Peas – 1/2 cup
Salt to taste
Green Chili paste – 1 tsp
Roasted Cumin powder – 1 tsp
Corn flour – 2 tbsp
Red Chili flakes – 1/2 tsp

How to make the Burgers

Slit through the burger buns in the middle, toast if you like with butter.

For the Tofu Patties

MW tofu with enough water for a min, squeeze and grate it.

MW Potato for 4 mins, soak in water and peel skin. mash well.

Blanch fresh peas in MW for 2 mins.

In a bowl, take all the ingredients for tofu, and mix well. Knead intot a stiff dough. Divide into equal balls, and make patties by pan frying it.

Ensure to cook on both sides till the patties turn crispy

When you are ready to assemble, toast the burger buns,

Place the cheese slice on the bottom bun, place the tofu burger on top, then place the veggies on it.

Spead the mayo on the top slice, drill some ketchup on the patties before pressing down.

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Vegetarian Burger with Tofu Patties | How to make Tofu Patty Burger

Cuisine American
Author Srivalli
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  1. Valli remember even I wanted to do two weeks and after going through that list , it got difficult to work on one. Anyway love the way you sneak in veggies and the kids eat up . Definitely a good mom:)

  2. I too went thru the list twice to make sure that I am not picking the theme for the right reason.:) However I saw that Pavani came up with beautiful recipes under the 'Sandwich' theme.
    A nice way you picked to sneak in healthy stuff to feed the picky ones.

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