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The week that I was supposed to be making Samosas, I ended up travelling to Bangalore and even end up eating Samosas to and fro during the Train Journey. This trip was something that we did on the fly, seeing that the Double Decker train had seats available and the fact that I have never travelled in Shatabdi Express. And the fact that I had promised to visit my school friend. As Athamma and boys were on their vacation, it was just Konda, hubby dear and me. It was quite a fun trip, even though we missed the boys very much. We will surely be making another one as they both wanted to make it seeing the pictures.

Read more about what we did in my other blog.

This was the Samosa stuffed with Carrot with Curry leaf mustard takda. I skipped the stuffing while the outer layer was quite good.

A typical Iyar Elai Sapadu that my friend prepared for us.

The Lunch Thali at the Rajdhani, the thali has about 20+ items served, all unlimited. Trust me one wouldn’t ask for a second helping if one eats like we did. We couldn’t do justice to half the items. And with most I only tasted.

Starting with
Jaljira, Chaas,
Hara Bara Kabab, Dhokla with Coconut Chutney (I didn’t know this Combination), Sev Papad Chat (which konda eat two plates),
followed by Aamras, Gatte Ki Sabji (the Gatte were really so soft)
some paneer sweet, Malpua, Moong Dal Halwa, then a string of Dals both Sour, Sweet, then undhiyu, some bhindi subji, Indian Broad Bean Subji, Kadhi, three varieties of rotis, all palm size.

Once these were done, you can go for khichdi, Curd Rice (I am sure the Curd Rice was the South effect)

I finished the meal with Moong dal Halwa and Malpua. Most of the other subjis were just tasted. I knew we didn’t do even half as expected. Konda managed to eat two plates of chats, she was done.

Anyway end of the meal we couldn’t move.

This was what we were offered for snacks in the return journey. Very interesting if you ask me! I am always thinking what would one plan, if they have to plan for such occasions. I must say the Railway officials did a good job.

The Samosa, unlike the one in the previous day journey, was very good. It had a aloo peas stuffing and very good outer layer as well.

The dinner was rotis, dal and kurma, nothing much really to talk about. The short and eventful weekend came to an end.

I know this post might fall short of expecting a post with Samosa recipes, I am sorry to disappoint. I hope you enjoyed.

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  1. Nice to see that Indian railways is offering so much variety to the passengers. Samosas with carrot stuffing sounds different. Rajdhani's thali sure is a gastronomical experience. My sister went to one in Hyderabad, she said one has to fast for at least 2 days to do justice to the food that is served 🙂

  2. My sil too was talking about the double
    Decker train. I m so fascinated to travel in this.
    Rajdhani is sure a treat, we have a branch here n it is always difficult to get a table. But as food lovers we don't mind waiting outside to enjoy their hot moong dal halwa n cute small malpua's!!!

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