Vennai Puttu ~ Specialty From Tamil Nadu | How to make Vennai Puttu / Rice Flour Jaggary Pudding Step By Step Recipe | Indian Cooking Challenge for January

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For this month’s Indian Cooking Challenge, I have a traditional recipe shared by Priya Suresh. She got the recipe from her granny and most shockingly has not blogged on her blog till date, which I am sure is amazing! As it seems to be happening off late, I almost end up selecting the recipe very late. Towards the end of the month I was desperately seeing whom I should take suggestions from. Then out of the blue moon Priya email me, asking if we are going to have the ICC this month or not. So you bet I roped her in, asking her to share something.  
She also referred me to Nirmala’s post on Vennai Puttu. Nirmalas has mentioned that her mom makes it so well. Personally knowing Nirmal I can say this must have been a great recipe. Both the recipes are almost very similar except for few minor differences. I further made few more additions myself, which I must say ended up great!

As expected I was procrastinating till the last moment and something came up and I couldn’t make it on the usual Saturday afternoon. I stocked the soaked rice, hoping to make it the first thing on Monday morning. Again something came up. I almost thought I might not be able to attempt the challenge. On Tuesday evening I literally had to force myself to get it done. I was thankful I didn’t skip it, as Amma was elated eating it. She said this was the sweet she remembers her Bhajan friends used to make, when we lived in a colony many years ago. Being very shy, she neither asked for second helping nor the recipe. So imagine tasting something like so many years and you feel happy just knowing it’s something you can make it.
I halved the recipe given by Priya and I still got pretty too much. So I am sure 1 cup measurement would have ended up so much. This recipe Vennai Puttu as Nirmala says it’s not vennai or puttu. God knows why it’s calld so. While making, I realized that it’s like a regular Halwa recipe. Athamma suggested I add ghee to enhance the taste. So it went and in the end it was such a wonderful experiment.

Vennai Puttu

Ingredients Needed

Raw rice – 1/2 cup
Grated jaggery – 1/2cup
Cardamom powder a pinch
Sliced fresh coconut pieces – 1 tbsp
Cooked channadal – 2 tbsp 
Ghee – 1 tsp
Ghee for greasing.

How to make Vennai Puttu

Soak the raw rice for three hours, grind as fine paste with half cup of water. The batter should be very smooth

Make a jaggery syrup with jaggery and quarter cup of water, strain the syrup and keep aside. Soak and pressure cook channa dal, keep it aside.

Bring boil 2cups of water in a thick bottomed vessel, now add the grounded rice paste and cook in medium flame until the rice paste gets well cooked/

Keep stirring, as otherwise the batter will thicken to hard mass.

When you find that the rice flour is almost mixed well, add the jaggery syrup, cooked channa dal,cardamom powder, give a stir and cook until it turns as mass and gets off from the vessel,

Add a tsp of ghee, coconut pieces, give a stir and put off the stove. Pour this thick mass of rice jaggery paste to a greased plate, let them gets cool completely..

Slice it into smaller serving pieces.


  • For 1 cup, jaggary was to be 1/2 cup. But while making the dish I realized it has to be little more sweet. So almost used up 1/2 cup of jaggary. So check and adjust the sweet.
  • The moment the rice paste gets into the hot water, you will find that it becomes solid and forms lumps. You got to break it and mix well.
  • The channa dal should be retaining it’s shape.
  • After making it you will surely feel that this is Rice flour halwa.
  • Channadal should be in shape, its reassembles quite like halwa or need ghee to fry the cashews and greasing the plate.
  • In both the versions, there didn’t add ghee while cooking. We realized that ghee will give a good taste. So added it.
This is yet another traditional recipe that came out well. I can’t thank my lucky stars enough for making me attempt this recipe!

To all my ICC members, please link your Vennai Puttu post to Mr. Linky. 

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Vennai Puttu ~ Specialty From Tamil Nadu | How to make Vennai Puttu / Rice Flour Jaggary Pudding Step By Step Recipe | Indian Cooking Challenge for January
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