Burger Bun Tikki Chaat | Bun Tikki Chat Recipe

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For the second day for the Street Food, I had another twist of the same things and presented in a different form. I got Pav buns, Burger Buns, in the hope of making something else. I also made sure I made a lot of Meetha Chutney, Mint Coriander Chutney to last me for a couple of dishes. I remembered on time to soak the Kabuli channa in the morning, knowing full well that I wanted to add the channa to the chat that I was planning.
I really wonder how one ends up doing something so entirely from what originally was planned. I wanted to make Potato chat, some papadi chat etc. I ended up making chats with pav buns and burger buns. As I said you can simply customise your chats however way you want. And still know what you make, still gets so appreciated. Better than the Aloo Tikki Chat, this burger bun Tikki Chat so much. 
I resisted the urge to add cheese to it, keeping it purely with the Indian add ons that make up a chat. I decided what mattered, in the end, is the fact that food disappeared fast and in fact wanted to be repeated again. The next day when I made something else, though was loved, fell short when compared with this.

Sending this to Preeti, who is hosting Kid’s Delight Event, themed on Street Food.

Burger Bun Tikki Chat

Aloo Tikkis – 4
Burger Buns – 4
Meetha chutney as required
Mint coriander chutney as required
Spiced Channa – 4 tbsp
Kala Namak for garnish
Chaat Masala for sprinkling
Coriander leaves
Onions, finely chopped

Spiced Kabuli Channa

Wash and Soak Channa for 6 – 7 hrs or overnight. Pressure cook till soft. In a nonstick pan, saute oil, add boiled channa, salt and chilli flakes. Saute till it’s coated all over and done. Keep it aside.

How to assemble the Burger Bun Tikki Chat

Slice the burger buns through the middle and toast over a hot pan, grease with butter.

Transfer to a plate, on one half, spread the green chutney, on the other slice spread the meetha chutney.

On the bottom slice, place the Tikki, add the spiced channa, sprinkle onions, coriander leaves, kala namak, chat masala, sev, press hard on with both slices.

Your Burger Bun Tikki Chat is ready to be served!

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Burger Bun Tikki Chaat | Bun Tikki Chat Recipe
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