Chocolate Shrikhand | Shrikhand with Chocolate

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I know you must be wondering if I had forgotten my theme for the week! Well for a moment I thought that myself too and rather realized that I am being very ambitious to imagine I will be making the other complicated chocolate dishes for the theme down 2 weeks later.
Anyway as it sometimes happens, I couldn’t get around making the dishes I wanted to do. The result was I had the curds for the shrikhand ready and realised making a chocolate fusion with it would be the best option. As expected boys didn’t like it much, they only tasted it. Konda liked it, however she said she would prefer it to be more chocolaty. Well what can you expect, when you offer something chocolate, they want it all the way. I felt it was more than perfect, maybe some more sweeter. Well that’s fine in the end as the chocolate dominated and we were happy lot. 
Today’s is the final post for the first week. I am hoping I will manage to cook all the rest of them on time.

Sending this to Sowmya who is hosting my Kid’s Delight Event, themed on Sweet Treats for Kids

Chocolate Shrikhand

Make Shrikhand as done in this post

For the chocolate sauce

Dark Chocolate – 2 bars
Cocoa powder – 1 tsp
Sugar as required
Cream – 2 tsp
Butter 1 tsp

Chocolate chip for garnish

Once the shrikhand is ready, chill it till mixing

For the sauce, melt the dark chocolate, add cocoa power, add sugar, butter, blend everything well.

Finally add the cream and temper it well, until everything sets properly.

Allow it to cool.

Slowly mix this to the hung curds. Transfer and chill again.

Garnish with chocolate chip before serving.

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Chocolate Shrikhand | Shrikhand with Chocolate
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  1. Yummy Valli. Chocolate shrikhand sounds verty exotic and delicious. Coincidentally I have a different shrikhand recipe coming up tomorrow πŸ™‚

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