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It’s been on my mind for a while but I was just procrastinating. It’s the same story everyday, last year it was different this year it is a different fancy. I am talking about Konda’s fancy to what she wants to eat for her breakfast and lunch. I feel so guilty if I pack the same food for lunch too. But she insists so and I am so short of ideas basically if you ask me.

Last year she was fond of dosas and would only want that for all meals. Even if I refuse to pack that, she would insist she wants only that. That too with ketchup of all dips. This year the fancy has turned to breads. For a while she was fine with jams, then it was the cheese, then it was bread pizza, finally landed on simple ghee toasted slices or with cheese spreads. Whatever might the spread be, it was only bread. She even asked me why I won’t send her bread for lunch. I said I consider bread slices to be something of a light filling, two slices of bread would hardly mean wholesome meal for a growing kid. She wants to differ on that.

She even cajoled me to pack her some maggi. Till now I have never budged on that. I don’t mind feeding Maggi for breakfast, served hot. But never for a cold meal. Occasionally I pack her those pasta treats, hoping it will be little better. But I know better, it’s just that kids love these but we can never agree on. She is fine with eating Idli but it is only with one side dish she likes. Same goes for Dosa, she likes to eat only with Carrot Kurma or few specific Kurmas that I make with Dosas. Now I can’t be making only these on every other day right. She dislikes Upma, Ponga or any of those heavy stuffs, so there is no way I can sneak these into her lunch box.

Same goes for their snacks too. The other day I was talking to Kamala, when she expressed how she wishes I come back with another series on the Kids special event. She said she was finding it hard to get ideas for her kids too. Many of you had expressed the same thought. So naturally I decided why not make this a monthly event, were we all can pool in and discuss which worked and which didn’t . And of course share the recipe on the blog for all to benefit from it.

Kids I have seen are more receptive to dishes served beautifully and in a different way. It works out even more when they make it themselves. I was shocked and surprised when Konda spread the most perfect paper dosa last night. I was just not ready to accept that she can handle a ladle or a hot pan! I never allow her into the kitchen for this fear. And she always keep complaining that I never allow her to do any cooking. Finally I realized she can make beautiful dosas, it was simply beyond me. She was more receptive when I said she got to eat one of what I make too.

Well I say that right now my most pressing task is to prepare something that my 8 yr old daughter eats. Most of what my daughter eats or what I make for my kids are already posted. I am part of an online group which shares the most interesting and useful information. Some of what I am going to share here are ideas from that group, I have forever wanted to try few of those dishes listed, though most are what I already prepare, at least the Indian varieties.

Below are basically some ideas that came to mind. Indian Dishes are what I would normally prepare.

Indian Dishes
Rice Roti with Veggies
Dosa – Regular, Rava, Adai, Moong dal, Wheat, Ragi, Oats, Cheese
Parathas with different vegetable stuffing with mild masala
Cracked wheat/Bulgar upma
Idli – Rava or regular
Puffed rice upma (uggani)
Mini Idly / Mini Dosa with/without Vegetables
Fruits with yogurt

Western Dishes
Bagel and cheese
Bread pizza
Bread with cheese spread
Bread with table butter and cucumber
French Toast with maple syrup
Frozen pancakes/homemade ones
Oats with milk and fruit
Peanut butter jelly sandwich
Egg – Scrambled, Boiled, Omelette
Cheese toast
Macroni, pasta
Mini muffins
Mini Pancakes

The ones in italics refer to what I make. I will be most happy getting tried and tested recipes for the rest.
New ideas other than what is listed here can also be sent for the event. I have listed only what came to my mind!

Coming to the event part, this event aims to be different! How different you ask? Here’s how it is.

  1. First, you can share something that your kid eats and I will try it out and feature them here.
  2. Second you can post something that you know is a kid’s favorite and I will do a round up by the last date.

Ok for this month, the theme is going to be Wholesome Breakfast dishes. And you are most welcome to share your ideas.I have already listed the items that I already prepare/know. So I will be looking for ideas from all of you. If you find something missing here you can share the recipe in the comment section. I will prepare those and feed my kids. You can also prepare those and post in your blog for the event.

End of the month, I will feature all the dishes that I prepared and were accepted by kids, plus the entries you send in. Of course these will be again tried by me.

I can see that this may be confusing, if so please ask. I know I can end up being confusing at times!

Guidelines for the event:

Leave in the comment section, new ideas for me to prepare during the month.

Else prepare some dish fitting to the theme and post on your blog from now till the event closing date (15th of every month).

Once done, you can fill in your details in the form below for the event (if you face problem please mail me, I will address it)

Link back to this announcement and add the logo so that we spread the news on the event.

The dish prepared should have been accepted by your own kid, kid from your family or friends. Or even something that you loved eating as a kid. (Because the idea is to tell my kids that another kid loved this, there by making them eat it, thank you!)

The last date for the entries is 15th Feb 2010. You can send in as many entries you can.

Other ideas and suggestions are most welcome. I am hoping you will help me get better ideas!

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  1. Hi
    Again to say " lovely thought". May be this event will make all of us more creative and make us feel relax as we will be loaded with lot of wholesome breakfast. I will definitely join the event.

  2. Good idea. Personally, my kids only eat cereals, toast etc, for breakfast, not even oatmeal in the morning. But I love to eat Aloo Poha for brunch if I don't have any leftovers.

    Enjoy the event and the weekend Sri! πŸ™‚

  3. hi srivalli, grt idea and it will be wonderful to have this put together. i will definitely send in my daughters favourites its really some standards she enjoys, so long as i stick with it its fine. these days what works is asking her what she wants for tiffin the next day. she loves that she's being asked and sometimes i am surprised when she tells me she wants things like chappati, cos she's totally a rice person!

    i like the new look, the header and this form its grt πŸ™‚

  4. Hi nice event I have updated my Sara's Events n roundup blog.
    My son is 19 months he likes onion dosa, Vegetable upma, Puri n aloo masala, Methi chapathi, sometimes bisibelebath…hope you try it out.

  5. I just posted waffles (whole grain) recipe and wanted to send that entry. It is not taking the entry. I don't even know if you want this one since it is not on your list. Let me know and I'll link back to your post.

  6. Hi,

    I remember the trouble of creating new breakfast dishes for children which are loved and accepted by them.
    You may prepare Dhokla or Amiri Khaman which I use to love as a child.
    Amiri Khaman is prepared as follows –
    Soak 1 cup Chana Dal for 3-4 hours & grind it coarsely.
    Keep it for 2 hours or overnight in the fridge.
    After two hours mix it well with following masala –
    1tsp ginger paste,
    1tsp garlick paste(optional),
    1 tsp green chilly paste,
    1tbsp oil, 1/4 tsp hing, Sodabicarb 1/2 tsp, 1tsp lemon juice & Salt per taste.
    Pour the mixture in a greased thali/dish & steam for 15 minutes in pressure cooker.
    Check if it cooked well by piercing knife in it, If it comes out clean then it is cooked otherwise continue for 5 more minutes.
    When cool, cut into pieces and serve with Chutney /tomato sauce or you may temper it with oil, rai & jeera, haldi & hing.

    Hope you will love it.


  7. I have sent you a recipe, its actually more suitable for a weekend breakfast/lunch ie brunch dish.I hope its suitable for this event. My daughter simply loves it and I never have any problems her eating up when I make this.It nutricious and healthy as well.

  8. I have a question Valli. Silly me. I have posted ragi flour pooris in my new blog. My son liked it so much. He ate it for lunch though. I don't prepare pooris for breakfast but know that in India it is quite common. Can I send it to the event.

  9. Hi Valli,

    I just added banana dosa to your linky…iam not sure if it got loaded..Please let me know if it is that i can link up to ypur page..will also come back and link more!!:)

  10. Hey,

    Linked cheese pasta with veggies now…Kindly let me know if it got loaded..will link up after i hear from you…Already linked banana dosa!!:)Check out the event in my blog too dear…:)

  11. Hey,

    I have entered Baked Pineapple Macaroni to your contest. Wondering if its still on? I didnt have a picture of it on me since it was over within minutes of making it. So I took the liberty of uploading one of the similar looking images from Google. Don't mind please.
    Also, its only towards the end of my post, that you'd find the recipe.

    Great Blog you have there:)


  12. I just submitted my recipe for Grilled veggie cheese sandwich to the collection. Its a delicious and healthy recipe packed with veggies. This is my first entry πŸ™‚
    Hope you will like it!

  13. Being a mother of two, I am always researching for new recipes for their tiffin box. Today they will want English breakfast and tomorrow some typical south Indian dish. I usually pack dosas or chapatti along with some rice for their tiffin box and I make sure to send KDD harvest juice with the box. It’s a full meal and no complaints from the kids. They love KDD Harvest’s guava and mango juices, it keeps their tummies full until they get back home πŸ™‚

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