Bari – Dried Lentil Dumplings in Oven | Indian Cooking Challenge for July Challenge | Step By Step Recipe

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I initial wanted to always wanted to try Punjabi Wadi. It really appeared to be very challenging for taking it for Indian Cooking Challenge. So asked Musical if she has any authentic recipe she could share with us. She referred this recipe from Mamta’s Kitchen, it was called the Bari.
I am told that this is very much the same except in Punjabi wadis no fresh spices are added (no fresh ginger, green chillies etc.). And the main spices are hing, cumin, fennel, black pepper and coarse ground red chilli pepper pods. Plus, the batter needs to ferment a bit for the right texture.
When I announced the challenge, almost most of them came back to say this wasn’t the right time for making this as sun was playing hide and seek. I was not sure what to do. Was I to choose another one or somehow get this dried. Then lucikly Lataji came back referring this wonderful recipe from Sharmila, She said yes we can make these bori in oven!
Sharmila suggested we soak it overnight. As usual I failed to check out the recipe on time. Only came to this on Saturday morning around 10 am. So soaked the Urad dal from then on till almost 3 in the afternoon. Unfortunately she hadn’t given the measurement so I had to add based on my own.
Soak Urad dal in water overnight or about 7-8 hours
Grind to a smooth paste using very little water.
These are masalas that go into the Vadi..

Mix everything well..

On a plate scoop small spoons of batter

To be dried in sun..

Or in a baking tray that is greased with oil.
Bake at 110 degree for about 2 hrs 30 mins.
From Sharmila
Soaking Time – Overnight (7-8 hrs)

Baking time – 2 hrs. 30 mins at 110 degree

Ingredients Needed:

Urad dal – 1/2 cup
Grated Ginger – 1″
Oil – 1 tsp
Salt  a pinch

Spices used

Whole Cumin Seeds – 1/2 tsp
Crushed Black pepper – 5 -7 nos
Fresh Coriander leaves – few stalks
Red chilli powder – 1/2 tsp

Method to prepare:

Wash the dal and soak for over 6 -7 hours (overnight works out best). Grind it to a paste with very little water.

Make a well, add the grated ginger, salt and all the spices.

Apply oil on the baking tray. Pinch out small ball of the dal mixture and plance on the plate.

Remember to leave a little gap between the boris.

From Mamta’s Kitchen

I have mailed Ms. Mamta for permission to reproduce here. Please check her recipe for details.

To all my ICC members, please link your post to Mr. Linky.

Bari - Dried Lentil Dumplings in Oven | Indian Cooking Challenge for July Challenge | Step By Step Recipe

Cuisine Punjab
Author Srivalli
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  1. These have come out very well indeed even if you were pressed for time. The baris in Mamta's recipe looked much browner than these and the grinding of the dhal sounds very like the thamizh kuzhambu karuvadam. Incidentally I made some of those too…after long many years I tried making them at home:)

  2. Actually, Mamta's recipe from Mrs. Lal is nothing like Punjabi-style- those are Varanasi-style, and they are far spicier than the Punjabi kind and come out very dark from more spices esp. black pepper.

    I've dried bari in the the oven too…but I think it's better to keep the temperature under 77C (170F) so that they do not brown before drying…you will lose flavour that way for storing.

    Nice post- rare to see a post on these!

  3. hi srivallii
    i havnt posted my entry coz my house maintanence is nt yet ovr.
    guess it will be over only by 22nd..
    i guess i missed my ICC this time.I really enjoyed doin KARA SEVA last time.

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