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  1. Padma Rekha says

    Such a beautiful traditions and similarities in cuisines. We use sugar in the place of jaggery will try with jaggery looks so belicious ..

  2. Priya Suresh says

    Am ready to munch some anytime, dangerously addictive karanjis, never tried with jaggery, have to make some soon.So tempting they are.

  3. Amara Annapaneni says

    Such a mouthwatering sweet Valli. Looks similar to Kajjikayalu we make but love the addition of nutmeg and pumpkin seeds.

  4. Usha says

    We usually make karijalu with either nuvvulu or kobbari filling. Filling with fresh coconut is new. Karanji have come out so well.

  5. Suma Gandlur says

    I am a sucker for traditional sweets and this one is no exception. I can finish off that platter. 🙂

  6. Sapana Behl says

    Chauri chi karanji looks very delicious Valli.I love the combination of coconut jaggery.

  7. Pavani N says

    I love these crispy and yummy karanjis, though I never made them myself. Yours turned out picture perfect.

  8. Padmajha PJ says

    The coconut filling is surely delcious esp.when inside a fried pastry!rivalli... Nice one S

  9. Gayathri Kumar says

    Coconut with jaggery is far more tastier than with sugar. This karanji looks perfect.

  10. Sandhya Ramakrishnan says

    The karanjis have come out so perfect Valli. I feel like eating some right now. I love how you have cut out the design circles. That is a wonderful idea to make it look prettier.

  11. The Pumpkin Farm says

    i loved the idea of using cookie cutter here and the karanji looks very flaky and crispy well done

  12. Priya Srinivasan says

    Looks delicious valli. I feel like making them immediately!!!

  13. Kalyani says

    Loved the cookie cutter idea, and we make this similarly for ganpati festival n is called karjikaayi in kannada.. Lovely golden brown delights Valli

  14. vaishali sabnani says

    The same Karanji is called Ghugra in Gujrat , a little variation with stuffing . The karanji looks super tempting and the stuffing with jaggery is healthy too .

  15. Anjali Koli says

    Ah! the cookie cutter trick is fab. They look really flaky and delicious. Glad you enjoyed making them. I must rush and make some myself now. Thanks for the love Srivalli.

  16. Srividhya Gopalakrishnan says

    Me too love the history behind each and every food. Love that cookie cutter. yummm

  17. Nalini's Kitchen says

    Crispy and flaky karanjis,the stuffing with fresh coconut and jaggery sounds interesting.Cookie cutter idea is very inviting and looks beautiful.

  18. Smruti Shah says

    Such cute karanjis! Loved the lace at the end. I could eat a plate full of these 🙂

  19. A Kamalika Krishmy says

    This is mine and appa s fav sweet..

  20. Harini-Jaya R says

    Wow! What a treat this is. I would eat the filling just as is. That is one reason I don't attempt making this at home 🙂

  21. Chef Mireille says

    I love your scallopped edge biscuit cutter - so pretty and with that filling who can refuse this

  22. Saraswathi Tharagaram says

    What an amazing combination of flavors.Never made with jaggery. Can’t wait to try these!

  23. Ruchi Indu says

    You have beautifully explained the similarities between different cuisines. And the chauri karanjis are looking lovely tempting...

  24. veena krishnakumar says

    Beautifully explained valli. Loved the use of cookie cutter. Looks so so good

  25. Nisha Sundar says

    absolutely delicious Valli! Somasi is my favourite and i am sure am gonna love this!!

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