Green Fruits Smoothie

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Green Fruits Smoothie is blended with Green Grapes, Kiwi and Banana. I am not a soup person nor a smoothie person. However, when I saw so many smoothies on my timeline, I felt so many smoothies so less time! My friends were coming up with so many different combinations and drinks, each one prettier than the other.

I managed to make this just before Konda was leaving for her school. I wanted her to drink this, she wasn’t happy that this didn’t have sugar added. She was not able to drink beyond few sips saying without sugar, she can’t drink. I felt the smoothie to be quite fruity sweet. Maybe kids will take some time to get used to that taste.

Hubby dear was saying that I will get hungry if this was my breakfast, I actually didn’t feel, though.

This is part of the last week of BM#72, So Many Smoothies, So less time. This was a theme I picked up because I felt I hardly have any drinks on the both the blogs. I shopped for fruits myself, which is mostly done by other elders at home. So yes I will dish out some smoothies!

Green Fruits Smoothie

Green Fruits Smoothie

Course Drinks
By Diet Healthy Recipes
Author Srivalli


  • 1 Kiwi
  • 1 cup Green Grapes
  • 1 Banana Morris
  • Ice Cubes as required


  • Peel kiwi and Banana. Take all the fruits and blend well in a mixer.
  • Serve chilled


The smoothie will have some chunks, that will help you enjoy the drink more!
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  1. I add a good dose of sweetner, homey or sugar, before I give it to Shreyas. When kiwis are involved as they lend a little tanginess to the drink. Sugar is a good solution then 😀

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