Halawet Ahmad | How to make Omani Noodle Dessert ~ O for Oman

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Next on the list is Oman for O and there was no choice for anybody in the group. Unless somebody came up with an alternate name for the country. Now that I think, I am hoping there was something like that. Anyway coming to my own choice, this was again into Arabian cuisines, very much like the other Arab countries.
I am not sure why however I landed with no choice at all. All I could see were recipes for desserts/sweets and the main course were only with non veg. I was hoping that the dessert I made will be liked by rest. It was Oman Halawet Ahmad or Omani noodle dessert. I even saw couple of videos showing how this is done.
The noodles used is very thin one and infact says cook as per instructions. I couldn’t get thin rice noodles or with vermicelli. The vermicelli I had were quite thin and I decided I should simply go ahead with it. So after seeing the videos and spending quite sometime on a recipe which turned out to be so simple, I decided not to cook it very soft.

The pictures on net were so captivating and I was hoping to replicate something of that sort. I roasted the vermicelli quite well and didn’t cook it very soft, making sure it was crispy. Then when condensed milk was added, it sort of became stiff and crunchy. After making it, to mold it, one needs to put it in muffin tray. My colleagues were very much taken in by the taste and the look and wanted to make it. I clarified that the muffin tray for just for moulding and no baking actually happens.
Konda actually loves the vermicelli payasam that Amma makes. Amma has the tradition of making Semiya Payasam for Saturday Neivedyam. so a bowl of it ends up on our table as well. Sometime back we have strictly requested her not to send it across as we wanted to keep off sweets. Konda wanted to know why I never learnt making payasam. I actually didn’t know what to say. I just say, when Ammamma makes it every week, where is the chance for me to make and on top nobody eats it at home, update: I seem to have ended up confusing with my statement here, I meant I don’t get a chance to make payasam. However I do know how to make..:)..99% of the payasams on both the blogs are made by yours truly..lol. 

So while I was making this dessert, this was we were remembering and chucking that it took this BM for me to make a version of payasam at home. Well if not the exactly payasam, some sweet with vermicelli. Konda simply loved it and even took the close up pictures, saying the close up pictures look great. I normally take the final pictures in either DSLR or even the one P&S I use for sbs, however looking at how Konda was eyeing this dessert, I thought I should let her click some.
Did I tell you of all the ingredients, Chinnu seem to have taken a fancy to the Vermicelli and wants the savory version of it for his lunch box, atleast once a week? Well it is sans any onions, curry leaves, it can have those tiny black dots but nothing beyond that. So when I make the savory semiya upma, I have to parse all the stuff, thankfully leaving the mustard back.
When I showed them what I was making, they politely refused saying, they will stick to the semiya they know. 
Anyway whoever ate this, surely enjoyed it

Halawet Ahmad | Omani Noodle Dessert
Country – O for Oman
Category – Dessert, Sweets
Preparation Time – 5 mins
Cooking time – 15 – 20 mins
Ingredients Needed:
Vermicelli, thin – 1 cup
Water – 1/4 cup
condensed milk – – 1 /2 cup
Coconut, dried – 2 tsp
Butter – 2 tbsp
Almond powder – 2 tbsp
Chopped almonds for garnishing
How to make the Halawet Ahmad
Heat a non stick pan with 1 tbsp butter, saute the vermicelli for few mins, till they start turning colour. Sprinkle in water and make sure the vermicelli is well coated. Cover for 5 mins, make sure you keep stirring to ensure it doesn’t get burnt.
When you feel the vermicelli is cooked but still holds its shape, add the remaining butter, stir, next add the almond powder, coconut. Combine everything well.
Next add the sweetened condensed milk. Stir well. Adjust sweet if required. As you keep cooking for next 5 – 7 mins, the pasta starts to get lumped. This is when you remove.
Have a greased min muffin tray ready, place spoonful of this cooked sweet and stuff into each muffin dent. Press hard so that it gets its domed shape.
Serve with chopped almonds on top. 

The recipes I checked for this, shows very thin vermicelli, the one I used was quite thin. Make sure you don’t cook it much as you would do for Payasam. 
This actually tastes great when hot. I stored in fridge and warmed before serving it again.
Since these were so delicious and loved by Konda, I thought of including this to my Kid’s Delight Anniversary party. Come join the fun!

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Halawet Ahmad | How to make Omani Noodle Dessert ~ O for Oman

Cuisine Arabian, Omani
Author Srivalli
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  1. From the time we have known, my mother always prepared semya payasam as friday neivedyam and it had become somewhat like familiarity breeds contempt kind of situation for me and my sister. 🙂 Now I have begun to appreciate it again somehow and my son loves it. 🙂 And valli I can't believe you saying that you never learnt making vermicelli kheer. :))
    The dish is yummy for sure. I saw this at Nestle website and I am going to try this later. And seems like your daughter is enjoying this marathon equally.

  2. Even I was attracted to the Arabic desserts when it came to the middle eastern and Arabic countries. Those desserts are sinfully delicious and so is the one you made for Oman. 🙂

  3. This sweet was sure an addictive one isn't it 🙂 Hi 5 valli I even made them , you daughter is really very exited about this mega Bm isn't she 🙂 very nice to see her mention in each and every post , she is even taking lots of efforts , kudos to her 🙂 very very tempting and delicious halwet , make me drool:)

  4. had bookmarked this one too for Oman.. but no one would eat any sweets so had to change to something else ! love the idea of using muffin pans to get the shape…

  5. Dish sounds delicious and looks great too.My EO is like Chinnu – no onions / any other additions to dishes like curries ! I sometimes wonder how she eats like that!!And LOL on ur payasam update 🙂

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