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  1. angee says

    love the idea with leftovers..

  2. Suma Gandlur says

    My used to prepare both breakfast and lunch by 7 am everyday when my dad was working. Everyday, she used to take a shower and mandatorily prepare breakfast, a subzi, sambhar and rice without complaining.. She made it look as it was an easy task.
    Now when I am a mother and look back, I feel guilty that sometimes we kids chose to complain instead of helping.
    Even though I chose to be a stay at home mom, I know what you are talking about. Everyday food preparation seems to be herculean task sometimes and just want to run away from the rut.
    Like your clever idea of using the leftover subzi. That's what I do when I have some leftover potatoes, tempting the guys at home under the guise of aloo parathas.Thanks for participating.:)

  3. Priya says

    Woww this paratha sounds truly fantastic and yummy..

  4. Anonymous says

    That a nice idea. I made paneer parathas as per your recipe. My kid loves them too. Thanks for new ideas.

  5. Premalatha Aravindhan says

    Love this paratha...comesout with nice shape...Curd is an Excellent combination with paratha...

  6. meeso says

    I love making something with leftovers and having a quiet night 🙂

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