Paneer Pulao, Stuffed Chilies

For the second day of making rice, I decided on a simple version of Paneer grated and paneer cubes. The rice is paired with stuffed chilies. This makes as a wonderful lunch box recipe. The rice is not spicy and won’t work out if you are serving it as such. Either you got to pair […]

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Onion Bhaji | Vengaya Bajji ~ Simple delights!

There are some dishes that you will not really think about posting on your blog. Well there is nothing wrong in posting a simple, everyday dish. However when it comes to a snack like the Onion Bhaji, I have stayed clear of it, well until now! Come to think of it, I never really thought […]

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Masala Cut Mirchi ~ Street Food

Masala Cut Mirchi 1

Masala Cut Mirchi is a popular street food from Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh. These are deep fried Chilli Bajjis stuffed with onions, masala powder and lime. As I mentioned yesterday, I got to know about the different dishes that hubby dear enjoyed during his childhood days in one of our discussions last week. As in a […]

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Vazhakai Bajji ~ Banana Fritters!

Vazhakkai Bajji

Vazhakkai Bajji or Aratikaya Bajji is one of the most popular deep fried fritters available in South India. This is raw plantain slices deep fried in chickpea batter. I am not sure if this version of bajji is sold in other parts of India, though I know for sure its available on the streets and […]

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