Vegetable Enchiladas | How to make Enchiladas with Vegetables

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When I decided to make Mexican Dishes for the final day of the BM# 31, I had to share this Enchiladas that we made in our office. My colleague who was visiting us, is a Mexican and every time she visits us, we end up cooking something Mexican and Indian. She is so much taken into all Indian that it amazes one just seeing her reactions to different things.
On her last visit, we had made Mexican Rice and I had made Coriander Sadam, would you believe if I said the Mexican Rice was almost as what we might prepare, except for the butter part. She infact confirmed that Mexican food is more similar to Indian dishes in terms of spices and other ingredients that we add.
So when this time she wanted to make Enchiladas, I had to work overtime thinking how much we might need for 100 people. She said she makes it for 4 -5 and my task for scaling up to 100 people. If it was an Indian dish I would have asked Amma, however having never made enchiladas myself, I only had to give my best estimation and assume it would be enough.
We went shopping for cheese and Tortillas. She wanted Corn, however I have seen only wheat and wheat is what we got about 12 packets on whole. The whole list of ingredients went like this, 7 Kgs Onions, 5 Kgs Tomato, 3 Kgs of Potato, 2 Kgs of Beans, 5 Bunches of coriander leaves and couple of more things.
In fact we were making chicken Enchiladas, since I was more keen on Vegetarian and we were about 15 vegetarian, I was making sure we had enough for us as well. This recipe that I noted down right away was for a vegetarian colleague and I am happy that I had the recipe noted down.
We also got lots of cheese, she specially said they don’t use parmesan, Nilgris had stock of parmesan, Gouda, feta, smoked versions of all these. I was specially told not to buy any smoked versions. It was tough task deciding on the right cheese. With a limited choice, we had just handful to choose from. 
I would have happily settled for Mozzarella, processed cheese we get here. Having not eaten this, is a boon as we can judge.
Enchiladas are assembled, it needs to be baked with the sauce. Since we were making nearly 100 numbers, baking that many was next to impossible. So she suggested we quickly fry the tortillas in oil, spread the sauce over it, place the filling in the centre, roll it over, sprinkle the cheese, lettuce, and serve.
Since the cheese doesn’t melt like this, I decided to MW it for a minute before serving. This made sure the cheese was melted.

Vegetable Enchiladas

Tortillas (wheat or Corn)
Salsa Sauce
Vegetable Fillings
Grated Cheese

Salsa Recipe

Tomatoes – 2
Onions – 2
Maggi soup stock pieces – 4 cubes
Green chillies – 4 -5
Coriander leaves – 1/4 bunch
Garlic – 2 -3 cloves
Salt to taste

Wash and take all the above ingredients in a bowl with enough water, bring to boil

Cook till till the tomatoes are soft and mushy.

Drain the water and puree the ingredients together. Adjust spice.

For the fillings

Onions -2
Potatoes – 2
Beans – 100 gms
Tomatoes – 2
Vegetable stock cubes
Coriander leaves bunch

Heat oil, saute onions along with coriander leaves, tomatoes, beans. Everything has to be cooked well. Finally add the seasoning masala and add boiled, mashed potatoes.

When you are doing chicken, add boiled, shredded chicken instead of potatoes.

How to assemble

Deep try the tortillas, on both sides

Dip the fried tortillas into the salsa, place on a plate, put the filling on the middle and enclose with both sides.

Garnish on top with shredded lettuce, and cheese

We liked it when we microwaved the assembled enchiladas for 30 secs

Since we were so held up with just making this, I wasn’t able to get a proper picture.

Needless to say, everybody loved it.

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Vegetable Enchiladas | How to make Enchiladas with Vegetables

Course Brunch, Dinner
Cuisine Mexican
Author Srivalli
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  1. Oh for such a large group..but from the pics I know that the enchiladas have been made perfectly…they look fantastic…a cuisine which is so delicious and relished by most …

  2. I think the story of cirander sadam was among those early posts which i had read about you, long before i knew you personally and i really loved the idea, was thinking secretly, i wish i worked with this girl in her office, it would be so much fun to work and discuss your hobby 🙂 , i thank you for recreating that magic again with the details you provided on the total amount and all…the enchiladas look amazing and love the step by step authentic capture…

  3. Enchiladas for a crowd must have been quite a task, but sounds so much shopping, cooking and feeding this to everyone. I personally love enchiladas but don't make it often because of the number of steps involved.. yup that translates to I'm lazy :0)

  4. Wow. Enchiladas for 100! Great work, Valli. I love cooking for large numbers. It's exhilarating. Have done it just once before. Getting it right when doing it large scale is a huge task. You've done a great job.

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