Weekly Menu for Kids ~ Week 4

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It’s been an eventful weekend for me, with most of the work getting done. Saturday was off and I ended up working on all the pending work. I gave the boys a new pack of sketch pens and they didn’t get up until late in the afternoon for lunch, while Konda was busy playing games. Peddu was so tired that he conked off to sleep saying he was tired.
I worked on the Chocolate Feast and I was so tempted to make something chocolate, but resisted the urge and had other things done. Finally with hubby dear going off on a day’s trip left me with too much time on hand and I attempted some rolls which have been on my to-do list for a long long time! They are rising right now, will update on them once they come out baked.
For now, let me share what I might do for Konda this week. I made most of them listed items, trying to follow the plan to the maximum. But then what’s fun if I don’t break it in between right?

This was an unplanned one last week, I packed Sambar Rice with Aloo Roast

Week 4 Breakfast Lunch
Monday Garlic Pull apart Rolls Fried Rice
Dosa with Chutney
Paneer Paratha
Wednesday Garlic Bread Curd Rice with Aloo Roast
Thursday Potato Cheese Sandwich Jeera Rice with Dal
Friday Aloo Paratha Tomato Pasta

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  1. Hey, the plan looks too good. Lucky Konda!!

    And hats off to you for managing so many things so well. I can identify with you to some extent coz I too am an IT professional with twin daughters. They are 2 and 1/2 years old now. People compliment me at the way I'm managing things but when I look at you, I find I still have a long way to go…

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