Blogging Marathon 50th Edition Celebrations ~ Day 3

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All things come to an end, even the good things. Well we knew it and simply wanted to avoid thinking about it. Three days passed away so quickly in a blink of an eye, that it was so hard to believe. Even though we wanted to sit up through the night again, we realized it would simply be too much to attempt doing it. 
We tried sleeping. Usha left on Saturday in the afternoon and Kalyani was leaving early morning. So we all were up early again, to send her off. It was such a emotional sendoff both the times. The day was packed with so many activities, we were not so clear as to decide what to do first.
Gayathri started with her Pav bun mixing and it was so wonderful seeing the pro at work. We tried clicking every step, to ensure we do it at home. 
The session for the day was to be done at the Foodology, arranged by Kamalika. Some of them left early to do the basic stuff before the rest of us went. We made a mistake in calculating the distance. We should have all left early! Anyway Pradnya was leaving in the afternoon and PJ later in the evening. Only after reaching Foodology did we realize that PJ also should have got her luggage. So she went back all the way and returned with her baggage. I was feeling so terrible for not thinking about this long distance. It was almost across the entire city that we travelled and it somehow didn’t register properly.

When we landed at Foodology, we saw Gayathri and Pradnya ready with their Tier Cake and Craving that they were supposed to demo to us. Pradnya also showed how to do Spun Sugar.
The menu was Shahi Paneer and Chur Chur Paratha by Vaishali, Alasanda Tonak by Archana, Pav buns by Gayathri and Desserts  by Kamalika.
We also had the topsy turvy cake with BM# 50 for all of us to cut!
Topsy turvy cake had a hand bag on top that was again carved by Pradnya.
Kamalika made Strawberry mousse and an innovative Brittle Gulab Jamun Custard. 


Meanwhile I forgot to mention that Kamalika left early to her home to prepare breakfast for all of us. She had called in the previous night to ask her Mom if she can make Adai for us. Boy, those Adais were so yum. Even though I was full after eating Dosas with Tomato Pachadi, seeing those Adais, I just wanted to taste. So must thank Kamalika’s Mom for the laborious work.
The tomato pachadi was so delicious, that it wasn’t like a pickle, but more like a chutney. I have been after Padma ever since for the recipe. 
Anyway after double breakfast, I was hardly productive. Still when I saw the amazing topsy turvy cake in progress, I couldn’t keep myself away.
There were so many activities going in simultaneously that it was hard to keep up with all. Vaishali was preparing her Shahi Paneer, Archana was making her Tonak, while Kamalika was very busy with her desserts. Though Kamalika had invited her friend to click pictures, I wanted to do the sbs myself and was very busy.

Since time was really running short, Vaishali quickly made Chur Chur Paratha for Pradnya and we had a hearty lunch!

Then it was time for Pradnya to leave. Quickly it was time for PJ to leave. With heart so heavy we bid them goodbye. Once they left we returned to Padma’s home.

It was time for me to leave as well! I had asked my hubby dear to send me a bigger bag to fit all the gifts I got!

Vaishali helped me pack and it was such an emotional time for all of us! It didn’t feel like we spent three days together and it so quickly got over.

BM# 50 Meet officially got it’s curtains down with all of us dispersing.

Back home my folks were so surprised with the huge luggage. I was so tired that I slept off early and waited till next day, when I invited my parents for the gifts display. All of them were spell bound with the goodies we got and shocked at the efforts each of them had put in, in selecting so much for each of us.

Many were homemade spices, podis, which I will be using and cooking over the next few days.

Thank you friends for the wonderful time we all spent. The memories we made will last for a life time.

PS: would you believe if I say some of them have already started planning for BM#75!!.until then take care..

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  1. Trust me, even i started calculating the month and the year regarding 75th BM meet, lol obviously can guess. Well organised and very emotional meet as well.. Well done guys.

  2. What an amazing time you guys had Valli. Thanks for sharing your memories and the visual treat of the food. I hope I can be a part of the 75th anniversary celebrations.

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