Buffet On Table all this September ~ Mega Marathon BM#56

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We are embarking on yet another joyous journey around the world, this time we decided we will invite you all for a Buffet. 
If you are landing here for the first time, just to update you, we are a group of Food bloggers doing a Blogging Marathon every month for 4 weeks doing 3 days each month. However during April and September we do 26 days of non stop blogging, with Sundays off.
We have been doing the Mega Blogging Marathon since April 2013, 
April 2013 was weekly themes.
September 2013 was ABC Cooking 
April 2014 was Indian Food Odyssey
September 2014 was Around the world in 30 days
April 2015 was Fire up our Ovens .
So this September, its going to be an invitation to a Buffet On Table
All the participating bloggers will be doing the same theme for each week.
To know how and what we are going to do, please do check out my announcement post on Buffet On Table.

Things have been hectic my end for sometime now and I haven’t been fully able to do justice. 

However I am not giving excuse as this was something we have been planning for some months now. Even as I write this, I still have so many posts to get done, I am hoping I will be able to complete on time, enjoying the dishes at the same time.

So the dishes I picked up ended up being simple and I have been happy that some my kids enjoyed, most were approved by Konda and some especially by the elders at home.
All in all its been a different experience and still worth making it. 
I hope you will join me and my group and enjoy the fun ride!

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