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This page is to showcase Onam Sadya that I prepared for the Indian States. This is no way covers the elaborate feast that is normally prepared.
I am planning to update this page with other dishes that will be prepared later.
Sadya is always served on a fresh Banana Leaf. There is even a procedure on where to place which dish.
Onam Sadya Feast
Onam Sadya Feast
Read Onam Sadya Recipes Preparation to know how one can cook 12 dishes at the same time.
How is Onam Sadya served
On the bottom left half of the leaf a small banana is placed, next pappadam/appalam
Then sarkara varatti /jaggery coated banana chips and upperi/banana chips
Next from the top left half of the banana leaf pickles is served
Thoran /Mezhupuratti (vegetable stir fry with coconut)









Next Pachadis and Khichadis

Vellarikka – Cucumber Pachadi




Next comes different kinds of Side Dishes














Now the plantain leaf is filled with all the side dishes

The rice is served at the bottom center of the banana leaf.



First parippu curry is served along with ghee.

Next rice is served with Sambhar









Next Kalan, Kurukku Kalan, Moru Curry

Vendakkai Mor Kulambu












Finally the Desserts /Payasam’s.








I hope everybody makes this feast atleast once to enjoy the different dishes!

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  1. Thanks everybody!

    Rakesh I have given a disclaimer that this is no way how a complete Sadya. I am hoping I will one day make the entire Sadya and update the picture.

    thank you for dropping by!

  2. Preparing a Sadya meal is one of my to-do things but I am not sure when that will happen. The dishes you have chosen looks so good Srivalli.You have loads of patience to cook , click and present such a wonderful spread…

  3. Oh my god such an elaborate yella saapadu 🙂 I wud love to finish them all now you have so much energy lady can't even think of beating your energy level .. I been making sadya for 2 yrs for blog and family sake every time I seen others sadya I think of making it better next time you have made me look back.. awesome spread and lovely clicks !! drool .. drool

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