Qistibi | Flatbread stuffed with Potatoes

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With just two more to go for Cooking Carnival, I have a new Flatbread from the regions of Tatarstan and Bashkortostan. Both these regions are federal subjects of the Russian Federation. I seem to have forgotten my geography that I don’t even remember ever reading about these regions. 
I landed in this Flatbread when I was forced to pick up another instead of what I had planned to make. I had selected Kartoffelpuffer/German Potato Pancakes and only at the last moment read the recipe and found that it’s just the same as Rosti or Latkes. I had no interest in repeating the same and hurriedly selected another. I have a list of Flatbreads collected over a period, wanting to make it myself. 

Out of those Flatbreads, I saw that this Qistibi is stuffed with Potatoes and it suited just fine for today.
Wiki says that Qistibi is a popular traditional dish in Tatarstan and Bashkortostan. Qistibi is roasted non-fermented flatbreads with various fillings inside. The most popular filling is mashed potato but it may also be ragout or millet. This flatbread is made very differently as the filling is placed on the one half of the flatbread and is covered by the other half. It is then cooked with butter on a hot pan. 
Qistibi is either served for Breakfast or can easily be served as Main course. Recipe qistibi Tartar sounded quite a tongue twister

This shot was clicked by Konda. She was keen in clicking in her own style, while the rest I took as per mine.

Ingredients Needed:
For the dough:
All purpose flour – 1 cup
Milk as needed (1/4 cup)
Baking Soda – 1/4 tsp
Salt to taste
For filling
Potatoes boiled and mashed – 1/2  cup
Few drops of milk
Butter – 2 tsp
Salt to taste
Grated onions
For frying:
Salted Butter 
How to make the Qistibi
For the Dough
Take the ingredients in a bowl and knead to soft dough. Let it rest for 30 mins. Divide into small balls to make thin tortillas.
For the Filling
MW the potatoes for 6 mins, soak and peel the skin. Mash right away with butter, salt and grated onions. Keep it aside.
Assembling the Qistibi
Dust and roll out thin tortillas of 6″ diameter. The dough actually rolls out very thin without breaking. 
Heat a nonstick pan and when hot, cook the tortillas on both sides, ensuring they don’t get burnt.
Remove to a plate. Take a spoonful of the filling, spread on half the circle. Bring the other half to cover and press down.
Heat the pan again with butter, place the flatbread and cook until crispy on both sides.
Serve with sauce or tea 

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Qistibi | Flatbread stuffed with Potatoes
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Course Breakfast
Cuisine Russia
Course Breakfast
Cuisine Russia
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  1. I guess no Indian have ever heard of those regions but this is an interesting variation of potato flat bread. BTW does the inside gets cooked as you toast only the outside?

  2. Suma The potato used for the filling is already cooked and buttered. So there is no need to cook it again. The crispy outer side took care of the taste though..:)

  3. These regions have come up now. When we learnt geography even the authors did not know these regions. Go check with them…:D Anyway I love these the name is something that does not follow the rule book no U after Q.

  4. I m a big zero in Geography, those region names, i m not able to spell properly, need to take google mama’s pronunciation help. the flatbread looks delicious and konda is doing so beautiful with the camera!!! Superb girl!!!

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