Chocolate Pancake ~ Kid’s favorite for Wholesome Breakfast!

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After yesterday’s delicious Banana Ragi Paniyaram, it was the pancake today. I was inspired by Indrani’s Chocolate pancake that she has sent for Wholesome Breakfast Event. I had already shown the picture to Konda and she was all pleased that she is again going to get a chocolate based dish for breakfast.
Since the recipe called for egg, I had to change it. I didn’t have eggs on hand and moreover, I normally make my pancakes eggless. So I added milk and proceeded the same way. Surprising the boys got up early today and were cranky a bit. So couldn’t spend much time checking out with the pictures. A hurry click was what I could manage.
On top I thought I would send Aloo paratha for Konda’s lunch and as breakfast for the boys. That had me spinning to get them made on time.
I made this pancake just for Konda and I had tasted it myself. I must say that given such tasty breakfast, I won’t mind eating it myself. I was happy hearing how elated Konda sound eating this. She was so very excited and said it tasted simply great. Thanks Indrani for the inspiration. We love chocolate in any form.
To make this a bit more healthy, I added wheat flour along with All purpose flour. The basic pancake recipe is really something you can make as you go.

Chocolate Pancake
Preparation Time : 5 mins
Cooking Time : 5 mins
Makes: 2 pancakes

Ingredients Needed:

All purpose flour / Maida – 2 tbsp
Wheat Flour – 1 tbsp
Milk – 2 tbsp
Sugar – 1 tsp
Chocolate Syrup/ Sauce – 2 tbsp
Oil for cooking.

Method to prepare;

Mix the flours and slowly add the hot milk to form a lump less batter.

Mix in the chocolate sauce and sugar. Beat it well for the sugar to melt.

Meanwhile heat a pan or tawa and grease it. Pour the pancake batter and spread as a disc evenly. Simmer for few mins and sprinkle oil.

When it is cooked, flip to the other side and cook till done. This mostly takes abt 1 -2 mins.

Serve hot. This can be eaten as such as it is sweet. Else you can serve with Fruit jams.

Notes: I gave in small measurements as I don’t think the adults at home would want a sweet dish for breakfast, especially with chocolate sauce. So measure it as you make it. The ratio of the ingredients are pretty much the same.
I used Hershey chocolate syrup, so it was not so bitter. But some sauces are bitter so adjust based on it.

I normally add hot milk in place of eggs, if required a pinch of cooking soda. But most times, just plain flour with milk works out best.


Chocolate Pancake ~ Kid's favorite for Wholesome Breakfast!

Course Breakfast
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