Diet Plans and Weight Loss Program for healthy Life!

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What started a year and few months before, starts again for me. Interim I have been little relaxed and more flexible to my self and well being. Now it’s time for another beginning.

I know I wrote lot of my resolutions yet this was not mentioned. Those were work related yet personal too.
I have made lot of progress towards what I wanted to do. Like recording what comes to mind or some events that seem important end of the day. Beginning this year, I made my mind to experience every day in the most possible way I can. These 37 days have been good in ways I may not have even done my last year. I have made lot of progress in many areas.

Though one main aspect that I wanted to talk about was the goal of getting healthier and loosing more weight. If you must know, obese and I are twin sisters. There I said it. For many years I have been touchy on the word. Most common I know. I am the most affable and approachable person you can meet, if I may say so myself. Yet though I won’t show it, I do get affected when somebody teases me on that. During teens there were many reasons for wishing to be obese, those reasons best not said. Yet it became the bane of my life.

Later I wasn’t even bothered about them.
Fact is, in the end, I suffered. Though I was obese, I was the healthiest and very flexible person because of my physical activities. Being a Badminton player helped me being fit as a fiddle. 
After marriage, child, everything stopped and after my twins the problem had become worse. Until one fine day I was told I shouldn’t sit down due to my severe knee pain. I managed, just about somehow. Finally after a year, I decided I had enough and got on a diet and a program that was meant to take care of the excess weight. And become more healthy. The first week felt I was in heaven! The feeling continued for many months.

I lost about 33 lb/ 15 kgs in the first 4 months. then slowly got down further 2 -3 kgs in the next 2 months. I reached a plateau at two different stages, which I managed well. At this stage Athamma had an accident which prevent me from following my diet and everything went for a toss. This was in April 2009, after which I have maintained my weight and health to great extent.

Because I have never express well, how really elated I was when I finally fit into my first jeans during last Diwali. That motivated me like nothing else. But in recent days, I have been laxer and the weight seem to have gone up. Plus no exercise of any sort. Since the new year beginning I have been thinking I should start on my diet regime, I have been postponing. yesterday when hubby dear mentioned that it looks like I have gained weight when I wore my jeans, I knew I had to start this right away. 
You may wonder what will happen to my ICC or Cooking 4 all Seasons! No worries, I will be posting regular recipes there as I cook for the rest of the family. This blog and plan is only for me and me alone.
The diet I followed was a Diabetic Diet, charted with consultation with my father, who is a doctor and a dietician. Finally the diet I arrived and followed was mostly what I have formed of my own with their advise.
This past one year I have shared my diet with friends and helped them some gain back their spice in life. When few blogger friends have been asking about motivation to start a diet plan, I decided publishing this. My plan was to declare what I eat and update with progress, along with recipes .
The diet works mostly for people following Indian food. Since I only cook Indian food, I know only about them them.
The diet that I am going to follow is more or less a Diabetic Diet, since that diet is the most healthiest diet one can follow to become fit. But again as I said few items may change. So please don’t conclude this covers everything.

Somewhere during mid of last year I came across Kay‘s blog, where she tracked her plan. I felt I should have tracked mine too. Now I get another chance to do exactly that!.

I am going to list out the general things that have to be kept in mind, plus the foods that need to be avoided
  1. First and foremost, never to fast or feast. Or stay hungry without food.
  2. Spend atleast 15 to 20 minutes eating your food. This applies for drinking liquids also.
  3. Drink atleast 2-3 liters of water. This helps flush out toxic and prevent headaches.
  4. Exercise or walk for 30 – 40 mins everyday.
  5. Never get emotionally tensed. Be occupied in some activity mentally and physically. This helps a lot in your weight loss and path to healthy life.
  6. Forget about Sugar!
  7. Use only about 2 tsp of oil for cooking per day.
Foods to avoid
  1. Cereals like Rice, Corn, Maida/APF, Noodles etc.
  2. No sweets or desserts
  3. Chocolates and ice creams, yes I know its depressing but really no!
  4. Bakery and pastries.
  5. Aerated beverages and soft drinks, and Hard drinks too..:))
  6. Fruits like Mango, Grapes, Jackfruit, chikko, Banana, etc. Though I have reserve against this list.
  7. Root vegetables like potatoes, yam. colacassia. Rest of them can be had in limited amount.
  8. Deep fried foods, yeah I shouldn’t even say the name out!
  9. No Dry fruits, this again will be revisited.
  10. Fruit Juices.
Starting from tomorrow, I will hop on this. Will try update what my diet was during the day, along with the recipes that are already on my blogs. New recipes will have to wait. Will post them as and when I get the chance.
If you are interested to follow, you are most welcome. I can do with group support and cheering! Do drop in a word in the comment section.
Disclaimer – This diet has worked for me, but I am not a dietician, nutritionist or a medical professional nor am I trying to play one here. If you want to follow these, please consult with your doctor or a dietician. Follow this diet at your own risk.

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  1. I so want to loose atleast 5 kg.
    Only thing I am addicted to sweets.
    I have been doind up and down varios diets, and loose kg, but then maintaning is the most difficult thing for me.
    I am so happy to hear about your achievment and that you are still continuing.
    I think soo i will also have to do something.

  2. Any time you reduce simple carbs and sugar out of your diet there are amazing results in how you feel and how you look! You will definitely do well for yourself to follow such a diet! Good luck 🙂

  3. Awww since last few months i want to go on Diet too, but somehow not happening.
    I want to lose aleast 15 pounds, but due to work schedule we have irregular eating habits, many times resulting in skipped lunch and so Dinner we eat whatever available !

    But looking at your list, i am thinking i want to do it, but if i dont eat any of this, what will i eat 🙁

    DO share your Diet, that will give me a better idea. But i cannot follow it for 4 months or more like you did last year 🙁

    We r just two, both work full time and it is too much to cook different for each everyday when you are already dead at the end of the day and all what u want is to sleep 🙁

  4. That's great Srivalli and wishing you good luck on the diet plan.I too have not been eating right from new year so was planning on a healthy diet and a bit of exercise:).I would love to join.

  5. Great that you followed for 4 months. Thats a big thing. Good luck with your second stint too.. I too have been thinking of starting on some kind of diet plan. Your post inspires me and do write about ur diet.

  6. Hey Srivalli, A Big round of Applause for you. Coz, i know how tough it is to accept that we
    (me too!!!) are obese. Yeah we need lots and lots of "Motivation" to stay on Diet. I m Definitely IN. ALL THE VERY BEST for everyone for a healthier tomorrow.

  7. Hi,
    I am with you, I am already on my raw food diet plan! of course with yoga and exercises. Coming back to shape to fit into my western clothes. Will follow you too,
    All the best.

  8. I gained weight after my first baby and i really want to before i plan for my second one..I have stopped taking sugar and have reduced the quantity of rice..i try to have phulkas both the will be fun to join you and work together..looking forward for more of this!!

  9. hi srivalli i know myself how hard its to knock off few kgs n how easy to pile them.Im a few kgs more than my BMI,my diet goes for a week n then i hog again,anyways i wish u all the luck vl drop by often n give u some good low fat recipes,take care

  10. Please share your everyday diet. I eat mostly indian food and am struggling to find a dietician here who can give me a diet based on the food I'm used to eating. I cant survive on cottage cheese and poached eggs!

  11. Thank you everybody for dropping in to motivate. I am so glad I have so many wonderful people to join me.

    Sowjanya, Thank you. Will be putting up the list later tonight. Well I leave it to yourself to decide how you want to make a change..:)

    Finla, I know how obssessed you are with weight loss, though I tell you you don't require to loose..:)..but wanting to get healthier is different. Maybe you can work towards that. Thank you for the motivation..

    Lopa, I can imagine how tough it must be with hectic work pressures. Take it cool, do it when you can. Please wait for the list to come, then you can decide what you can eat..:)

    But as I said one main important factor that helps you in reducing weight is being positive. so think about it.

    Infact the first 4 months I had been very strict, then I was managing to eat and diet. That way I maintanied.

    Regarding being just two of you, maybe you can initiate your husband into this. As I said this is not about avoiding food. It is knowing what is best to eat. Most days you can plan ahead and cook too.

    Lastly, be comfortable in doing this. Else it will not help at all. Thanks for the leaving comments. I think we can motivate each other..:)

    Priya, heheh…I am sure even I won't with the dishes that you make..:)

    LG, I know, will look fwd to have you join. Until then do eat well

    Priti, Thanks do update on how and what you plan to do..

    Apoorva, Will surely share it in the forthcoming post. thanks for dropping in

    Priya, Thank you so much for the support. I am glad I did this..That's the spirit. Lets plan

    Nags, thank you..

    Dining room table, thank you..glad to have you join this.

    Jayashree, thank you

    Nive, thank you. will check out your post too..

    Kamalika, glad to have you on board

    Jayasree, Thank you. Will be writing on that shortly

    PJ, Thanks..that will be great.

    Jyoti, Since this is mostly meant to be a diabetic diet, fresh juices are to be avoided. The pace at which juices are absored are greater. So it needs to be avoided. But not all juices again. Will write on it soon., thank you. your words motivates enough

    meeso, I can't agree any less on that!..thank you for the wishes.

    sowmya, Thanks will be great to have you along. Good luck with your plans

    Khaugiri, Wish you all the best..I am sure we can make it.

    Divya, YOu have one??..I never knew abt it. will check it later soon. Hope you start back again

    Tazaik, will be glad to get them..thanks..:)

    Shyam, Will be glad to share them. But as I said it worked for me. So hopefully it should work for you too. You might be surprised on what I let me not say too much before that. Still I am so glad you asked.

  12. This should be a very interesting topic. I am awed by some people's metabolic rate. They can eat anything and everything and not break a sweat and still are skinny. I wish I was like that. My problem is not being able to resist good food. Would love to see what you come up with.

  13. After baby, I couldnt come back to my pre pregnancy weight. Now I am very seriously thinking of doing a diet plan too. I am eagerly waiting for your diet food list, thank you in advance.

  14. Hi there! I am so happy to read this post, was on the lookout for one and urs sounds gr8 to too joinin ur bandwagon..All the best to all of us here! 🙂

  15. Hi……..Reading your blog was like reading my mind……
    Yeah…and bieleve me its the most difficult thing to acknowledge publicly that one is obese(I should def know :))So let me congratulate you and wish you all the very best for healtier future
    You know the biggest problem is when you are doing it alone, you tend to skip the diet or exercise….but when its a group activity where everyone is sailing in the same boat…..there is lot of motivation to achieve results…..
    Count me in…..

  16. Welcome to the club, Valli! I'm going through the same predicament after the same kind of weight loss, around 20 kg, years ago. I even gained a few kg back for various reasons and have been on a plateau since then. Of late, I've even lost the craving for dessert/deep-fried savouries I used to have now and then, but still, despite exercise and all that, I haven't lost more than 2-3 kg.

    Three days ago I started a food diary, because I 'seem' to be doing nothing obviously wrong. (You know about my eating habits, no flour, no rice etc.) When I read through it, maybe I'll find out where I'm making a mistake, consciously or unconsciously, and can improve.

    Best of luck!

  17. cheers valli…boosting many ppl and friend to stick on ur of luck,hope u ll succeed in diet rally..maintain a weight chart of all followers,so it ll be more interesting..will the girls reveal their weights??

  18. Count me in sri,like many I have been into many diet plans with not much results,it really needs motivation and with people around i think i will achieve it this time

  19. Hi Srivalli,

    I have always looked up your cooking 4 all seasons blog for inspiration…and while reading your posts always admired at your ability to juggle so many things and yet manage to come up with interesting posts and delicious recipes…and while looking for some inspiration for following a healthy meal plan to lose weight for good came up on this blog…its admirable that you have been able to see and accept yr weight issues for what it is and also yr intent and determination is clear as u have put it in writing for the whole world to see….I really hope you reach yr girl and wish you luck in this and will cheer u on…You go girl!!:)


  20. Srivalli, I really need to lose weight too.Your post about weight loss has motivated me.I would try and follow your diet as close as possible.Thanks for the motivation.

  21. how did i miss this post. Now, please tell me what was your diet in the first 4 months. Gimme details like what u had for bf etc and the amount too. I want to lose only 5 kg or at the most 57 kg which was my weight at the time of marriage 5 yrs ago. tx in advance.

  22. I have made a resolution to lose weight for the zillionth time and have not started yet. You are an inspiration. Loved reading up on your diet versions. Thanx.

  23. Hi srivalli,
    U did a great job here. I want to lose 15 kg. I m obese n doctor advised me to reduce weight for having baby.after seeing ur article I m getting hope. I'd u hv full proper chart can u send me to . Thanks a lot for having good site…

  24. Hello Srivalli avare!

    I have started my 'mission fit into old denims'. I am quite overweight and bordering on being obese. It is embarrassing and has pushed me to walk and run every morning. I was looking for a detailed daily diet plan and your blog is a boon! Thanks a ton. I would like to join this group and get motivated. I am starting the 14 day diet plan tomorrow. I start the day however with a glass of warm water with a tbsp of honey and a few drops of lemon. but for that, I intend to follow your diet plan. I hope I will shed some kilos and get back into my favorite Denims.

    Ravi Krishnamurthy

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