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  1. DivyaGCP says

    Delicious Thali..
    As I read ur post,I can smell the sambhar and really want to have one..

  2. Shobha says

    Sambar with rice..nothing like it.
    I also use MTR sambar masala...even the podi (MTR dal powder) is excellent.

  3. Kalyani says

    nice spread Valli 🙂 and I love chow chow sambhar a lot .. pity we dont get it a lot here 🙁 🙁

    btw guess this post needs to be updated with BM tag Valli 🙂

  4. Chef Mireille says

    another beautiful presentation!

  5. Harini-Jaya Rupanagudi says

    I have also settled for MTR + homemade vangibath powder for our regular sambar but I always try out new combination of spices. Good spread!

  6. vaishali sabnani says

    Valli there is a store in Chennai which beats the MTR pwd..will give u the details...infact now I will have to ask you to send me some from there...with my daughter shifting here...
    The platter looks very appealing and I am actually a S.Indaian fan...just loving it.

  7. Usha says

    I actually prefer pappu chaaru over sambar. I don't mind eating sambar once in a while but on a daily basis, pappu chaaru gets my vote. Awesome thali!

  8. The Pumpkin Farm says

    I used MTR for a while but then gave up as it lacked the flavor for the quantities it mentioned to be used. I have started using a new brand recently from kerala...but i wish to make my own sambhar masala0 know you have the posts for them..Chow chow sambhar is new to me...sounds like a chinese dish LoL...platter looks beautiful

  9. Archana Vivek says

    Great. Looks awesome

  10. rekhas kitchen says

    You know what I am a big fan of bittergourd I can enjoy that vege in any style.. good combination of curries in this thali Valli so inviting.

  11. Priya dharshini says

    Thali thali...its my fav thali..

  12. Priya says

    Personally i make my own sambhar powder and never tried any store bought till now,will ask my sister to send some MTR masala to give a try..FIngerlicking sambhar..

  13. Preeti Garg says

    love south food but never tried original flavor… to me chow chow shambhar..never heard

  14. Jayanthi says

    Kudos to you for preparing this thaali during a weekday....the spread looks awesome though I've never gotten a chance of trying a store bought sambar powder. I'll be mocked upon in the family if I do (Typical Tamilian with so much pride in home made sambar powder). Lovely Valli comforting to see all the dishes.

  15. vidhas says

    Love this thali. We also have lunch like this. I also make my own sambhar powder, some times when i run short will use store bought.

  16. Jayashree says

    Though I have tried a few store bought sambar powders, I have never liked them. I usually have a huge stock of amma's home made sambar powder at home and if it's not there, I don't make sambar till I get the next batch from her 🙂

  17. Rajani S says

    The platter looks nice, easy on the tummy and very healthy too. I am surprised that you don't eat bitter gourd :)), i successfully bullied my husband to start having karelas :))

  18. PriyaVaasu says

    My hubby has tried Everest Sambhar powder during his bachelor days, sometimes ask me to try too!!! but i still don't have the guts to buy ready-made sambhar/rasam powder.
    Thali looks delicious!!! And you not eating bittergourd, very bad girl!!!!

  19. Rasi says

    I have chow chow at home & i always make Kootu, now i think i will make Sambhar.. Even i use home made sambhar powder but i always keep a stock of store bought one.. a tsp or two of that & then adding ground spices..takes the dish to another level.. This time i am trying MTR else i always prefer aachi & shakti masala 🙂
    Thali is simple & nice.. like u said our regular sunday we love food don't we 🙂

  20. Gayathri Kumar says

    Even I have never tried store bought sambar powder. You have tempted me into trying. The simple thali looks nice...

  21. Aarthi says

    sambar looks mouthwatering..My mom makes this sambar with radish

  22. PJ says

    Simple yet filling thali Srivalli. Here too mom makes her own sambar powder and I used to carry loads of it when I travel...

  23. Suma Gandlur says

    I too love MTR brand sambhar powder.
    Yummy thali. It sure looks like the food prepared regularly at my home. 🙂

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