Karikku Dosa ~ A to Z Indian Breakfast Dishes

Karikku Dosa

Karikku Dosa is made with tender coconut shavings and tender coconut water from Kerala. This is a thin crepe that is white and lacy porous soft dosas. Karikku means tender coconut in Malayalam and Karikinvellam refers to the tender coconut water. So this dosa can also be called as Ilaneer Dosa or Tender Coconut Dosa, […]

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Orotti | Rice Coconut Roti from Kerala


Orotti is a popular Rice Roti made with grated coconut from Kerala. This roti is rolled out with hand and is thicker in size. It is often served with spicy side dishes. While Ari Pathiri is rolled out with a rolling pin and is quite thin and soft, Orotti is thick and has freshly grated […]

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Vellarikka Pachadi | Kerala Style Cucumber Salad

For the last last and final day of Salads, I have this pachadi from Kerala made with cucumber. Until that moment of making it myself, we never knew why the pachadi served in the feast tasted so delicious. When Amma tasted it, she was so happy saying this is what she always wanted to know. […]

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Palada Pradhaman | Kerala Palada Payasam

We are coming to the final week of BM#57 this week. I don’t even want to talk about how each week is rolling away so quickly! Especially with me having the posts ready, I just didn’t realize where the time disappeared. I was simply loitering around and even though I had planned on some activities, […]

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How To Make Olan | Kerala Olan Recipe

Coming to the second Side dish for the week, under BM#57, I have yet another Onam Sadya recipe, The Olan! Though we all love Kerala dishes and make some of them regularly as the Avial etc, few traditional dishes like the Olan, Kootu Curry were never made before. So while preparing for the Kerala Sadya […]

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Pathiri with Kadala Curry from Kerala

Next, on the food trail, we move to the beautiful land, referred as the “God’s own country”. I often think that I may have born in this place in my previous birth, given my strong bonds with this state. Because I love Kerala food and can never miss enjoying the Sadya during Onam. It’s been […]

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