Diet Program ~ Day 14

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I feel bad for not having recorded my schedule, though I have been strictly following it. Except for the Sunday there has not been much of a deviation.
7. 30 am – Coffee with biscuits
8.30 am – 1 roti
11.30 am – Buttermilk
12.30 pm –  Carrot
1.15 pm – 2 pulkas, with Brinjal Dal, Green Fry
5.30 pm – 3 biscuits
9.00 pm – 3 Brown Bread Sandwich with Spinach spread.
This was very tasty, spinach boiled, then sauteed with masala till dry and topped on bread. Will post a detailed recipe on this with better picture.
Hope things are going fine with everybody who is following the diet!

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  1. hi, new here. and am maha maha impressed. working mom, 3 kids, diet plan, awesome aweomse recipe contests and recipes, super active blogger, u r a supermom. god bless 🙂 u have inspired me to take up the diet plan , ( not exactly as rigid as u do,but a start soemwhere atleast ) thanks. will keep visiting again for those yummy recipes.

  2. Good for u Srivalli that u are following it.I am not able to blog about the diet everyday so planned to post the weeks menu on weekends.
    I agree with Asha,spinach spread is yumm

  3. hi sreevalli
    i have been following ur diet for the past few days n find really motivating. I was searching for a diet plan- cabbage diet wen i ended up in ur blog. have u checked ur weight before starting the diet?
    I have a suggestion, while searching for diet plan, i came accross GM diet where they say we need to follow there plan two alternative weeks in a month. If we continuously follow a diet without a break, we might get bored n exhausted n finally end up with our good old dietless diet!
    i feel that u can check ur weight follow a diet for the working days n take a break on week ends, though not a heavy one..
    Pls dont think i am demotivating u, but frankly speaking i cant continue without atleast a two days break in between..
    I have literally 'noted down' ur diet plan n wud go through it everyday to make up my mind to prepare a schedule of my own to follow!
    anyways great effort, keep it up.. all the best wishes

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