How to make Ragi Malt at Home | Step By Step Recipe | Diabetes Diet Food

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Ragi / Finger Millet has always been common at our home since we used to grow this in our lands. Well, that was years ago, still, it somehow remains so very clear, the memories of my granny bringing home those fresh Ragi, Bajra from our crops.

Most frequent dish was of course the Mudda we make with Ragi. Then it used to be Ganji that is made by mixing in Ragi with water, boiling it, and then mixing it with curds.

Malt is a process wherein the grains are sprouted, then ground to be made as a drink. Well, sprouting is not something that’s strange at our home. That’s what Athamma does with most ingredients that she thinks of. I was telling her that we should prepare some Diabetic Friendly recipes. Ragi Malt is part of the series that we planned.

We made a soup, porridge and this Malt. Though I told others who are doing one theme a day for the BM#6, they can choose to do two dishes for Different ways to use an Ingredient. Even when I was saying that I was not liking the idea as I have come along way to realize I don’t’ like crowding a post with more than one recipe, unless until it really requires.

So will be posting the Soup recipe later and hope my BM friends won’t bump me for doing this..:)

We have made this drink even healthier by adding Jaggery which is a good source of iron and completely avoided sugar.

Sprouted Finger Millet

Ragi Malt – Healthy Drink made with Sprouted Finger Millet

For sprouting
Sprouted Ragi / Finger Millet – 1 cup

To make the Ragi Malt

Ragi powder – 2 tsp
Milk – 1 cup
Jaggery, powdered – 1 tsp

Method to prepare

To sprout the Ragi

Soak ragi for a day, after about 8 – 9 hours, drain the grains and tie in a cloth. It will sprout over the night.

Shade dry and powder the Ragi fine.

To get more shelf life for the flour plus make it more aromatic, dry roast the powder over a hot pan. Once it’s cooled you can store the flour in an airtight container.

To make the malt.

Take the required amount of Ragi flour, add little water, and get a lump less mix. Heat it in a pan, add the jaggery and bring to boil. slowly add milk and boil for a couple of mins.

Serve hot/warm depending on who’s drinking this.



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How to make Ragi Malt at Home | Step By Step Recipe | Diabetes Diet Food

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  1. Nice post Srivalli.Making it at home is definitely healthy and delicious. This used to be Lil Angel's weaning food but after she got the taste of solids she refused to drink this. Am going to try this again and let's see if she likes it.

  2. Very healthy 🙂 I have heard of it n times but have never tasted it 🙁 will try to make it at home.

    But today we made use of ragi and made ragi rava dosa at home 🙂

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