Journey through the Cuisine Recap ~ Mega Marathon BM#63

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What a month April turned out to be! We thoroughly enjoyed taking a Journey through the Cuisines. Each of my BM Buddy who joined me in this journey did a fantastic job and thereby increased our Bookmarks by many folds.
Coming to my theme, I decided to do a series on A to Z Maharashtrian Sweets. Do read up that to know how I started on the journey and the perils I faced as I cooked up this series. A to Z is challenging, on top just Sweets was beyond comprehension.
Even tougher was the thought on who will eat all that sweets I cooked up. I don’t even want to see my scale for a while!
Anyway, if you are landing here for the first time, just to update you, we are a group of Food bloggers doing a Blogging Marathon every month, 3 days all 4 weeks, each month. However during April and September, we do 26 days of nonstop blogging with Sundays off.
We have been doing the Mega Blogging Marathon since April 2013,
April 2013 was weekly themes.
September 2013 was ABC Cooking 
April 2014 was Indian Food Odyssey
September 2014 was Around the world in 30 days
April 2015 was Fire up our Ovens .
September 2015 was a Buffet On Table

As I knew before, even though I had the list ready, I started cooking very late. I managed the entire cooking during March and all the weekends were only making sweets. It surely was a tough task having so many sweets on hand, with very few takers.
Anyway, this was one series that I thoroughly enjoyed. Just for stats I checked and this is what I made
Ladoos – 7
Poli – 5
Halwa/ Burfi – 3
Kheers – 2
Bhat – 2
Milk Based Sweets – 2
Karanji – 2
Other Sweets – 3

A for Alshi Ladoo

B for Basundi

C for Chauri chi Karanji

D for Dinkache Ladoo

E for Ekadashi Farali Bhat

F for Farali Chivda

G for Gul Poli

H for Halim Ladoo

I for Ice Halwa

J for Javas Ladoo

K for Khavyachi Satori

L for Lal Bhoplyacha Halwa

M for Mande ~ Ganesh Chaturthi special

N for Narali Bhat

O for Olya Naralachya Karanjya

P for Policha Ladu

Q for Qadbu

R for Ratale Poli

S for Shikran Poli

T for Tandalachi Kheer

U for Upwas Puran Poli

V for Vatalya Daliche Ladu

W for Wadi ~ Besan Wadi

X for XL Jalebi from Lookmanji

Y for Yellow Pumpkin Kheer

Z for Zatpat Besan Boondi Laddu


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  1. Kudos for taking up the sweets theme. I enjoyed and learnt some new Marathi sweets through this marathon. Thanks for taking up this challenging theme.

  2. Wow Valli, kudos to your creativity to come up with such an amazing theme. I would never ever have thought of doing sweets from another state. You did an amazing job. I'm drooling over the sweets as I type.

  3. you are very gutsy in choosing the sweets category. I cannot think of making so many sweets and dread the sugar over load. More so because I can't resist these sweets:) Lovely series and a fantastic roundup. Thanks for the virtual treat!

  4. Valli, that was a great roundup. I loved how specific you got with the theme. While most of us chose cuisine or combination of cuisines you chose a cuisine and a specific course! Lovely sweets you shared all month long. Thoroughly enjoyed the marathon.

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