R for Rajma Ke Kebab

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We are finally on R and for this, I had nothing left but to select something under the Misc/ Street food theme. So I was searching for all my books, written notes, and online references on what can be R and street food at that. I suddenly remembered my Kabab Mela and remembered seeing something with Rajma. I searched my paper filing but couldn’t come out with an exact R dish. Then I happen to see something from NDTV cuisine and this is adapted from that.
Rajma Ke Kebab was made last weekend and I wanted to ensure I complete this early and this was the reason why my lasagna got missed. Knowing this is a long process, I wanted to doubly make sure I had all the ingredients on hand. I had missed a couple of chances of making this since I did’t have rajma in my pantry and another time, something else. I usually stock Rajma and either make Rajma Masala or just as a salad. So not having it on hand was something new. Anyway, I went shopping just for this and planned ahead.
Rajma always takes so much time to get soaked properly. So this batch was soaked over two days, stayed in the fridge for a day before finally being pressure cooked. I should not have bothered to pressure cook so many times, since this was going to be pureed. But I went ahead and toured this for about 10 times. Hubby dear even commented on the many times the whistle was blowing its top!
This happened on a Sunday again. I wanted to catch hubby dear at the apt moment to feed him snacks. It so happened that it was pouring that evening and he walked in to the kitchen, saying he thought I would be making some onion pakoras as it was raining. I know this has never happened to us. He always points out that when it rains I will have to make it more memorable by frying pakodas. However that is the last thing that ever happens with me. Though I have enjoyed this scene many times when Amma used to make for me, I wonder why I never remember to fry pakodas when it rains.
Anyway coming back to the Rajma ke kababs, I told Hubby dear that I was frying some kababs and that should address his craving, but he had to make do with this. Though the process does end up being a bit lengthy, the taste makes sure you are okay with it. And trust me I got to taste only a wee bit of it. Everybody at home enjoyed this and they even commented that it tasted more like a non veg kabab as well. Well as long as they liked it, I was happy.
So for R, I have Rajma Ke Kebab.

This joins the other dishes for the Kid’s Delight Party.


























Rajma Ke Kebab

Ingredients Needed

Ghee –  2 tbsp
Asafoetida or hin a pinch
Jeera / Cumin seeds  – 1 tsp
Black Cardamon –  4-5 (didn’t add)
Ginger Garlic paste – 1 tsp
Onion, grated / minced – 2 medium
Tomato puree – 1 cup
Tomato ketchup – 2-3 Tbsp
Tomato chili sauce – 1 tsp
Red chili flakes – 1 tsp
Salt to taste
Garam Masala –  1 tsp
Green chilli finely chopped 1 medium
Chopped coriander leaves 2-3 Tbsp
Curds/ Malai – 1 Tbsp
Rajma or Red kidney beans, boiled and mashed slightly – 2 cups

For the outer layer

All purpose flour – 2 tbsp
Cornflour – 1/2 cup
Water as required to bake the batter of corn flour and maida
Breadcrumbs, to roll the kebabs
Oil, to deep fry

How to make the Rajma Ke kebab
Wash and soak the Rajma overnight or for nearly 24 hours as it took me. Pressure cook till done.
In a nonstick pan add ghee and a pinch of hing. Once the oil heats add cumin seeds. Let it flutter.
Add ginger-garlic paste. Once it browns a little, add onions and saute till brown. Add the tomato puree, ketchup, sauces, chilli powder, garam masala, green chilies and salt.
Once the masala starts to leave sides add whipped curd, coriander, and the rajma. Cook for 5 minutes. Make sure the rajma gets really dry and let the masala cool for a while.
Once cooled make elongated kebabs from the mixture. Dip in the maida and cornflour batter and roll in the breadcrumbs.
Deep fry till golden. Drain to a kitchen towel.

Serve hot with sauce.

Without realizing it, I had pureed the Rajma, that it was almost a paste. If you have the beans as coarsely ground, it will give more body to the kababs. And so I had to really saute so that the mixture becomes very dry to hold its shape.
I didn’t use Black Cardamon, not sure how this might have affected the taste, however without this also the kabebs were great.
With just cornflour, you will not be able to get a proper outer crispy layer. So you will have to add maida as well.
Also once this is rolled in breadcrumbs, you can freeze it for 10 mins for the breadcrumbs to stick to the kababs.
As with any other frying, don’t crowd the pan, however after making sure the outer batter was properly rolled on the breadcrumbs, I let it stand for about 5 mins before frying it. The kababs got fried properly. Add very little oil into a deep kadai if you want to save oil and fry these properly.
I was really very glad that though this recipe does sound to be long, you have a great dinner party starter and it is crispy golden on the outside and soft and tangy on the inside.

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R for Rajma Ke Kebab

Author Srivalli
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  1. i recently found that deep fried food is better than shallow friend and as long as we are able to strain the oil, we should be okay, so i am happy to stumble upon this deep fried recipe, i am going crazy following various food deits, the best part of your kabab is they appear to me so healthy with the goodness of rajma, off late my rajma is not getting cooked well, but since u are pureeing it, i shud be okay

  2. Rains and onion pakodas are surely a match made in heaven!!
    I don't think I have any kebab recipe on my blog! Though it is a lengthy process, it was worth it I guess. The clicks are so yum Srivalli…

  3. these are also called Galouti kebabs arent they ?? take me straight to chandni chowk & Lucknow where I have had the best kebabs till date.. rajma is otherwise not preferred at home, but this is a nice way to sneak them in.. I too usually pressure cook a batch and deep freeze them ! have a recipe coming up with these beans soon :-))

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