Wheat Flour Urad dal Dosa | Vegan Whole Wheat and Lentil Crepe | 101 Dosa Varieties

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One of the many reasons why I wanted to start a new blog was blogging about health related topics. Especially Diabetes and Diet are couple of topics that I have been very much interested about.  My father, being a doctor, is very much interested in bringing awareness to Diabetes and its control. Even before he joined his current organisation, M.V Diabetes, he had authored articles on the subject, hoping to bring awareness to the layman on the importance of diet and control towards diabetes. 
Having a family history it’s important for me to take precautions and measurement to be conscious. Diabetic diet is the best diet for anybody who, not only want to loose weight, but also want to maintain a healthy life style. Ever since I started a series on posting on Diabetic diet, I have been on the on look for such recipes that I can make for Athamma. One such easy to make and instant crepes has always been the wheat dosa. So when I came across another version of dosa that’s made with ground urad dal batter, I knew it’s even more healthy. Black Gram Dal/ Urad Dal is so healthy and essential for regular consumption. 
With this recipe I have almost meet the requirement for couple of other themes listed out for this BM. Vegan Dishes and Whole Grain themes.
Coming back to the recipe, the Urad dal is soaked and ground in the same consistency as you do for Idlis, then mixed with Wheat flour and fermented overnight. If you wanted the crepe to be crisp, then you should refrigerate immediately after grinding. Else if you ferment you will end up having soft dosas, which I surely won’t mind too! I eat these for breakfast and also for lunch along with Sambar. I had a great feeling as I was feeling so light yet filled.

Wheat Flour Urad dal dosa 

Ingredients Needed:

Whole wheat atta / Whole Wheat Flour – 2 cups
Black Gram Dal / Urad dal – 1/4 cup
Salt to taste
Oil few drops

How to make the Dosa:

Best way to prepare this is when you grind your idli batter. Even otherwise soak the urad dal as you would for Idli for about 4 hrs. Grind in a grinder/mixer with just enough water.

Mix the wheat flour in 1 cup of water and add to the urad dal. Run it for couple of times for getting a mixed batter. Add salt and mix well.

As I said if you want it fermented, keep it at normal temperature. Else refrigerate. Fermented batter tends to become soft.


Easy way to make this dosa will be when you are making Idlis, other ingredients that you can consider adding can be soya/ maize/bajra/ragi flour.
You can even add grated cabbage, carrot, pudina, coriander, chillies, onions on the dosas. Everything will turn out great.

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Wheat Flour Urad dal Dosa | Vegan Whole Wheat and Lentil Crepe | 101 Dosa Varieties

Dish Type Dosa Varieties
Author Srivalli
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  1. My Family history n GD makes me to take much precautions and forced me to follow all healthy n diabetic life style…Now i feel the difference n happy about my healthy eating…your wheat dosa with urad dal is new to me…from next time will try this way…thanks for sharing!!

  2. Dosa looks perfect. I am enjoying blogging marathon. Because of this I get to know different recipes and get connected with many new blogs. Thank you

  3. I'm a health food junkie. I don't eat white rice at home and have always preferred whole grains. This recipe will add a good variation to my meals. Thanks Srivalli, the dosa looks delicious.

  4. The worst thing that can happen to me is to get diabetics, cause, not only me, but my entire family LOVES sweets and we cannot even imagine not being able to eat sweets! Luckily no family history so far and hope it stays that way.

    The dosas look very nice and the sambar is so colorful 🙂

  5. Though I have been preparing dosas for BM I still can't have enough of it :). Loved this version of dosa and I am sure to try it out sometime soon…

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