Glycemic Index of different foods ~ Diabetes!

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Source: Written for Spice your Life, by Dr. Nagarathnam Jetti, MBBS,DPH,DIH,FIAOH.

In the previous articles on Diabetes, we discussed on what Glycemic Index is and the different types of Glycemic Index. We also discussed the points one has to note on consuming food. Today I am going to list out the Glycemic Index of some of the common food that we consume.

How quickly do foods raise your blood sugar?

The glycemic index measures how fast a food is likely to raise your blood sugar. This is very useful to note as its helpful to know which will help you maintain your blood sugar at what time. For example, when you are exercising and your blood sugar is already low, you should be eating food that will help raise your blood sugar quickly. On the other hand, there is not much activity and you want to maintain the blood sugar. So at this point of time, you got to eat something that has a lower glycemic index.

So basically higher Carbs which has higher GI help in raising low blood sugars, while slower carbs which have lower GI are helpful in preventing drops in blood sugars.

The below given figures are referred across different sources. These numbers are to be taken only as guidelines and not as the exact numbers as the effect the food has on blood sugars depends on lot other factors such as cooking time, fiber and fat content etc including many more.

This is meant to help and guide only as one of the tools for a better balance!

Glycemic Index of common food

These values are taken from different reliable sources from Internet.

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  1. I found this old post today. I am diabetic and have read a lot of material on it. Most of the food stuff that are shown in the glycemic index are western foods. Is there some index that shows the glycemic index of Indian grains and foods that are used commonly in Indian homes.

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