Fusion Platter Menu

Fusion Platter

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Fusion Platter Menu is an interesting compilation of Kids’ favorite dishes in the way they will love it. The platter includes noodles, nachos, and cheese in different forms.

I included ingredients in different ways, yet that would appeal to my kids so that they will enjoy it without any complaints. So came into the picture the Roti Noodles made with rotis and nachos made with rotis again.

The whole platter is made using rotis as the base with a fusion element mixed in. Except for the dessert that I knew my boys will not like, every other dish was a hit with them. I wanted to include Paneer to make the dish more popular and as expected the tacos were a hit!

Most times, it is pretty easy to please kids as they have limited likes and it is easy to make those dishes.

Finally, for Day 3, in the Fusion Platter, it is Roti Noodles that I am going to share today. If you are fond of fusion dishes, you can read on them for more ideas.

Similarly, as with the snacks, the dessert is an interesting combination of gulab jamun and cake.Fusion Platter

Fusion Platter Menu

Roti Noodles
Roti Nachos
Chinese Bhel
Paneer Tacos
Garlic Noodles
Gulab Jamun Trifle

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  1. I am going to steal your gulab jamun trifile idea! I like it, with custard or rabdi it would be so good :D. I like the entire platter, don’t know why it felt perfect for a movie night dinner! That was the first thought I had :-). I am sure the kids enjoyed every single item in there!

  2. When my mentioned about your Indo chinese platter to my husband, he was like why don’t you drop one of your scheduled posts and try to make it? 🙂 My mind did not go towards fusion food at all while planning or this marathon. It is great that you could create varieties even with the limited options you had based on your kids’ likes..

  3. Valli this is truly fantastic ! How very innovative ! I am loving everything on this platter . You have used roti so well and made the platter so healthy !
    I do make a couple of things but this is incredible !
    The kids must be so happy to have these special meals .

  4. Like Rajani said, When I saw the platter, I immediately thought about a movie night platter. My kids would love that platter. Love the platter. I agree that it is very easy to please the kids as they have a very few chosen favorites.

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