Punjabi Bedmi Puri Nasta Thali

Punjabi Bedmi Puri Nasta Thali

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In the Punjabi Bedmi Puri Nasta Thali, the Bedmi Poori is a Punjabi Style Puri Recipe using urad dal and spices served for Sunday breakfast along with side dishes to make a complete meal.

First of all, I have tried so many different Bedmi Pooris, one of the common dishes across the different Northern Indian States. I have doled out different Bedmi pooris that seem to differ with the ingredients and method from state to state. So for today, I have adapted mine from here and wanted to make the entire platter.

It was interesting to note that many in the North States seem to have poori shops that everybody gets for their breakfasts. Having always lived in a colony, we never used to go to the market place. Only after the marriage that I even tasted Masala vada from the shop. So it has always been home food during growing up.

Daddy would never allow outside food and on top, there was never a chance as Amma always made different cuisines with ease. Pooris and Chapatis have always been part of our menu from growing up. Certainly reading about this famous pooris from the streets of Patiala, was nice to know and got a glimpse of a place unknown!

Almost all the shops essentially make these with all purpose flour, though I have replaced it with wheat flour and made for a delicious Sunday Brunch. With the AtoZ Indian Pooris series and Chana Masala being an integral part of the whole meal, I have ended up checking out chole masala from all states.

I have about ten or more varieties of Chana Masala recipes clicked to share and I don’t think I will come to share this version anytime soon now.

On the Punjabi Nasta Thali, I have Bedmi Puri, Chole Masala, Lasooni Moong Dal, and Kesar Seviyan Kheer

For today it is going to be Bedmi Puri Punjabi Style as the featured recipe for today.

Punjabi Bedmi Puri Nasta Thali

Punjabi Bedmi Puri Nasta Thali

Bedmi Puri
Chole Masala
Lasooni Moong Dal,
Kesar Seviyan Kheer

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  1. Bedmi is are popular all over North, with a slight difference here and there. The sabzis too differ, but in general they are poori and sabzi !
    That Pariala Poori looks nice and chole is a ultimate combo , but a dal and kheer is a luxury breakfast !

  2. I honestly didn’t think that there is a Punjabi bedmi poori too and these whole platter setups for breakfast sure sound like a luxury, as Vaishali mentioned. I am getting inspired by all these kind of platters in this BM to try something similar for our brunches.

    1. I thought bedmi poori was a variety in pooris, I didn’t know bedmi poori itself had variations. Good to learn! I pay extra attention to your desserts, it’s always easy to make and has a wow factor to it!

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