Back to School Recipes | 10 Easy Recipes for Kids Lunch Box

Back to School Recipes

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My daughter started her school this week and I was anxious that I pack her lunch properly. This “Back to School” lunch recipes are meant to help harried moms pack a healthy homemade meal to their kids. This applies to Age group 9 – 12 years.

From being a fussy eater, Konda has improved a lot since last year. I have managed to overcome that mostly by getting her suggestions, opinion and making what she likes best. That doesn’t mean she gets to eat only the same type of food every day.

I just manage to twist the usual things and pack differently. I had managed to prepare more than the ones listed below. However, I thought these would really help and you can modify this with other ideas that your kid would love. They always say one at a time right? Well, these lunch dishes are what Konda likes mostly, boys are yet to take a liking to these.

Maybe other boys of same age group are different. My boys are yet to start eating proper rice, that is spiced of course, with interest. I hoping they will also soon start eating these dishes.

I will leave you with these published recipes. I am in the process of preparing new ones and I am sure you will enjoy them as well.

Capsicum Rice

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