Chocolate Tart with Chocolate Fudge topped with Ganache

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We are starting the third week of BM today, with me taking up to do Member’s Choice. During one of our discussions, I felt all of us would have some to do list always and wanted to find out what others had on their list. So that resulted in each of us, listing out what we wanted to do. Of course we can always make these anytime, however as a BM theme it is bound to have more effect.Having thought of the M themes for the whole of this month, it just suited fine that this was also starting with M. And I was so confused on what else to do, however many of the items were not done and I thought I could take up this chance to make them. As we least expect it, things turned out very hectic and I didn’t’ even have some of the basic things like the mold to make them.

After a speedy shopping to get the molds, things again went off very quickly and I didn’t’ get down making anything ahead of time. Though I had noted down what I would want to do, this tart was a last minute preparation, as I realized whatever I do, if I have to get the kids eat, it has to be chocolate.And imagine a double dose of chocolate, even though I ended up making enough, it was over by a day. I didn’t expect less, still it made me happy that kids loved it.

I went about the recipe with just the thought that I should make it very chocolaty and just assembled with what I had with me. The last I had made pies, tarts were when I was in college and it’s been a while since I actually wanted to make them again.
Every time I visit a baking shop, I decide I should pick up those molds but would decide against it. So imagine when I had to rush around the city in the hope of finding those perfect molds. I couldn’t’ get the medium molds, so ended up getting very tiny ones, and this one was more of a bigger tart then I would have wanted. So had to cut into smaller serving pieces.
I made this way into the night and had to wait for the next morning to click pictures. Would you believe my kids had this the first thing in the morning, having brushed their teeth with a promise of this treat. And when I came back home, everything was over!





















Chocolate Tart with Chocolate Fudge topped with Ganache

Ingredients Needed:

For the chocolate Tart:

All purpose flour – 1 & 1/2 cup
Cocoa powder – 3 tsp
Cashew Almond powder – 3 tsp
Cold butter – 1/2 cup
Sugar – 3/4 cup
Salt a pinch

Baking powder a pinch

How to make the chocolate tart

In a bowl, take the flour, cashew almond powder, sugar, cocoa powder, salt. Mix everything together, then rum in small cubes of cold butter until it becomes crumbly.

Then slowly add cold water in teaspoons and gather the flour together. Knead to a smooth dough and refrigerate for 10 mins.

Once the dough is done, remove to a rolling board, dust with flour and transfer on the greased mold. Prick with fork to ensure the crust doesn’t rise.

Bake in a pre heated oven for 25 – 30 mins, depending on how it gets cooked. I did intervals of 10 mins and finally 5 mins.

Allow it to cool down, while you make the fudge.

For the chocolate Fudge

Ingredients Needed:

Dark chocolate compound, chopped – 3/4 cup
Milk chocolate compound, chopped – 3/4 cup
Condensed Milk – 3/4 tin
Butter – 3 tbsp

How to make the fudge

In a thick bottom pan, take the chopped dark and milk chocolates, add the condensed milk and stir over medium flame. It takes about 5 -6 mins for the mix to start cooking. With a wisk keep stirring making sure the bottom doesn’t get burnt.

When the chocolate is all melted and starts to get thick, add the butter and keep stirring to get the chocolate get done.

This takes about 7 mins app for the mix to get cooked. On cooling this tends to become very thick. Pour over the baked tarts, spread evenly

Bake again for 5 -6 mins, the fudge gets set by the end.

I used the same ingredients as I did in the earlier Chocolate Ganache

However I used milk chocolate with butter, and finally add the cream and allowed it to get settled.

Since the fudge had dark chocolate, I wanted the Ganache to be more sweeter and mild.

How to assemble

Once the ganache is done, pour over the baked chocolate fudge and tilt the molds around. This way the sauce gets spread in even and holds its texture.

I refrigerated it overnight. And it was so delicious to dig in.

The side pictures showing the different layers was simply too good, if I may say so myself!

Sending this to Nisha, who is hosting my Kid’s Delight, themed on After school bites

Check out the Blogging Marathon page for the other Blogging Marathoners doing BM# 31

Chocolate Tart with Chocolate Fudge topped with Ganache

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  1. Know what Valli…I am drooling over all the pics..the butter being added to the melting chocolate…slurrrrp…oh I feel like digging in …love everything about this tart…I guess I would finish before baking.LOL

  2. my goodness…i envy all the folks who have consumed this triple chocolate treat…yummm at its best, this is a treat to eyes watching the final tarts become gradually into this wonderful dish

  3. Thank you everybody!..I got to taste only a small bit….though the left overs in the pan was cleaned off..:)

    Pradnya..hehehe..well it was only my kids and Konda's friends who ended up eating you can imagine, this got rare reviews as being the final nirvana..I am sure I am going to be making it again.

  4. OMG Valli, these look sooo goooood.. I would have gobbled a couple myself 🙂 Love the tart base with cashew-almond powder. Will have to try these soon 🙂

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