Karikku Dosa ~ A to Z Indian Breakfast Dishes

Karikku Dosa

Karikku Dosa is made with tender coconut shavings and tender coconut water from Kerala. This is a thin crepe that is white and lacy porous soft dosas. Karikku means tender coconut in Malayalam and Karikinvellam refers to the tender coconut water. So this dosa can also be called as Ilaneer Dosa or Tender Coconut Dosa, […]

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Chakuli Pitha ~ A to Z Indian Breakfast Dishes

Chakuli Pitha

Chakuli Pithas are rice based flat pancakes from the Odissa. Chakuli Pitha is a popular breakfast dish made as soft thick pancakes served with aloo bhaja, ghuguni. When I was checking out the breakfast dishes from different states, I came across Chakuli Pitha, served with Aloo Bhaja, Ghuguni and jaggery on the side from this […]

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Dibba Rotti | Dibba Roti Andhra Breakfast

Dibba Roti has become one of our frequent meal to make, especially during Saturday. The recipe I am sharing today from Amma’s dairy that she had noted down many years ago. The other Dibba Rotti is made differently and after the initial introduction, this dish has become our regular. Since I realized that Hubby dear […]

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Sprouted Moong Ragi Dosa ~ 101 Dosa Varieties!

We are starting the fourth week of BM#60 with “Healthy Diet/ Diabetic Diet” as the theme. If you have noticed, I have a huge collection of Diabetic Diet Recipes. It mostly started because Daddy wanted to make the Diabetic Diet more understandable to a layman and wanted me to suggest options that will easily work […]

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Mysore Masala Dosa from Karnataka

When I had my Dosa Mela, I had some chosen specialty dosas from each state. One of them was this Mysore Masala Dosa. When trying to know how different this is from our regular Masala Dosa, I came to know that it has a special Red Chutney spread on the dosa and then the Potato […]

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Kholasapori Pitha, Koldil Bhaaji from Assam

Thinking about the Seven NE States surely had all our BP going high and we were ardently hoping we will end up with something at least. It happened again with Assam. Thinking I had half the dish planned, I wasn’t really giving a lot of importance to the order of states I was doing, until […]

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