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  1. Nivedhanams Sowmya says

    Oh what a rustic looking bread!! nicely done Valli!!

  2. Priya Suresh says

    Thecha looks super hot and love that bhajani flour mix. Thalipeeth looks wholesome and super nutritious.

  3. vaishali sabnani says

    I have always loved thalipeeth with the green chilly as well as the red chilly thecha..the clicks have really good and the thalipeeth is literally calling..really good.

  4. Briju Parthasarathy says

    What a perfect meal for breakfast and love your elaborate post and details you cover. Just love the thecha

  5. Sandhya Ramakrishnan says

    What a lovely roti this....So healthy and full of flavor. I also made thecha for Maharashtra...I love this flour blend and bookmarking this 🙂

  6. Suma Gandlur says

    Love these multi-floured rotis. Yummy. and the chutney looks like the kind my husband loves.

  7. The Pumpkin Farm says

    this is nicer way of making instant bhajani flour...and loved your presentation style as well

  8. FlavorsAnd ColorsByAparna says

    Delicious Sri.... one of my fav from maharashtra cuisine

  9. Varadas Kitchen says

    It is so much easier to mix all the flours for the bhajani. You got nice color on the thalipeet. Nicely done.

  10. Jayanthi Padmanabhan says

    thalipeet looks exotic with those holes.. chutney looks fiery hot.. great combination

  11. Harini-Jaya R says

    My husband saw this picture and thought that it was made by me and was drilling me as to why those rotis didn't reach his dinner plate yet:) After he realised that the picture wasn't by me, he was like 'Uhoh what have I got myself into? 🙂
    Very healthy rotis, Valli.

  12. Nalini's Kitchen says

    Healthy looking thalipeeth,delicious platter.Thecha sounds super spicy and perfect with thalipeeth..

  13. Gayathri Kumar says

    Love that lacey looking thalipeeth and the spicy side...

  14. Chef Mireille says

    such healthy rotis with all those flours and love the pattern

  15. Pavani N says

    I bought thalipeeth mix once and made dosas with it because I was too lazy to make the thalipeeths 🙂
    Your clicks are tempting and thanks to your step by step pics I now know how to make traditional thalipeeths.

  16. Archana Potdar says

    Deliciously made thalipeeth and thecha Valli. Yes to me too its Bombay, Calcutta, Madras.

  17. Padmajha PJ says

    Such a rustic looking bread and love the way it i made. It is definately healthy and I have got to make is soon...

  18. Usha says

    That thecha has my name written all over it.. All those green chilies and garlic, hmmm yum! Thalipeeth looks like healthy & delicious bread.

  19. Priya Srinivasan says

    I have a packet of thalipeeth bhajani freezer, have to use it now!! Bread looks very rustic and oh my that thecha, awesome color! !!

  20. Manjula Bharath says

    I love thalipeeth a lot from a friend at school who used to share her tiffin box with us , this looks similar and making me drool here 🙂 techa is just a perfect way to enjoy this power packed thalipeeth 🙂 again a wonderful recipe selection 🙂

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