Paneer Kulfi | Dressing up Rosgulla

Paneer Kulfi

Paneer Kulfi is an innovative Indian Kulfi made with leftover Rasgulla and condensed milk that surely makes a wonderful dessert anytime. As I had said yesterday, I had a load full of hard rasgulla that I had to reuse and recreate. So this Indian Kulfi made with condensed milk was an instant and quick sweet. […]

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Yogurt Frozen Sandesh | How to make Shrikhand Sandesh

Yogurt Frozen Sandesh

Shrikhand Sandesh or Yogurt Frozen Sandesh is my choice for Y in the A to Z Bengali Sweet Series. This is a delicious twist to the regular Shrikhand, where along with the creamy thick curds, you have the soft fresh chhana added. I have made this, even more, protein rich and delicious by adding the […]

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Ice Cream Sandesh | How to make Khoya Kulfi Sandesh

Ice Cream Sandesh

Ice Cream Sandesh is an interesting twist to the kulfi made with fresh Chhana or paneer. This only requires 4 ingredients and you just blend and freeze! From the moment I made my list, I knew I had to do something with Ice cream for alphabet I. I searched wondering if I will find anything […]

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Dark Chocolate Coconut Milk Popsicle ~ 2 Ingredient Recipe

For the second day of doing Beat the heat theme, I wanted to make something with Chocolate. I was out with ideas, wondering what to do. Then while checking out some interesting breads at Priya Srinivasan‘s space, I happen to see this Chocolate Coconut Popsicle, I decided I must make it and check out if […]

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How to make Pomegranate Ice Cream

Now a party is not a party without an ice cream right! If it was left to me, I would only go for a chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce and chocolate chips on top. How is that for a chocolate dose? Anyway this is not just my party for my kids. I need to […]

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Oreo Popsicles ~ Easy Dessert for Kids

Summer is not summer if there are not some ice creams and popsicles made and that’s exactly what I wanted to do, when I opted for Summer Specials. Though I had couple of other ideas of a typical Summer Specials, I wanted to share this quick dessert that gets done in no time. The idea […]

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Icecream Tiramisu | How to make Eggless Ice cream Tiramisu

For the finally day of Seasonal Cooking, I made Ice cream Tiramisu. The first time I came to know about this dessert was of course through blogs. Though I have been forever planning to make the cake or whatever that it is supposed to be, I finally ended up making this Icecream Tiramisu is an […]

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Almond Ice Cream | How to make Badam Ice Cream

Next, in the Ice cream series, you have Almond Ice cream to please your senses. I had this recipe for Roasted Almond Ice cream. Some as I was making it completely got changed into something else. The reaction was that the kids were playing on the system and I couldn’t check out what went in. […]

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