A to Z Indian Flatbreads Recap ~ Mega Marathon BM#92

A to Z Indian Flatbread

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A collection of A to Z Indian Flatbreads in one place selected from the different Indian States for your quick access. All the recipes have step by step pictures for easy understanding.

I am so glad I was able to complete this edition of A to Z Indian Flatbreads in the AtoZ Flatbread and More. along with another series on AtoZ Dosa Varieties on C4AS.

This was a real challenge as I wasn’t ready with any dish until a week before. It was almost like cooking two days ahead and writing on the same day. Though I had thought I would be better prepared ahead, I ended up doing this.

It sure was an exciting journey through this month

Before I talk about the dishes this edition, some info about what’s been happening since 2013:

April 2013 was weekly themes.
September 2013 was ABC Cooking
April 2014 was Indian Food Odyssey
September 2014 was Around the world in 30 days
April 2015 was Fire up our Ovens
September 2015 was a Buffet On Table
April 2016 was a Journey through the Cuisines
September 2016 was Cooking Carnival!
April 2017 was AtoZ Baking around the World
September 2017 was Protein Rich Dishes (My choice was AtoZ Bengali Sweets)
April 2017 was Explore the Flavours – A to Z International Streetfood on SYL
April 2017 was Explore the Flavours – A to Z International Flatbreads on C4AS

A to Z Indian Flatbread

A to Z Indian Flatbreads were:

A for Angakar Roti

B for Bedai

C for Choorie Ka Parantha

D for Dhapate

E for Ellu Holige

F for Farali Poori

G for Girda

H for Hariyali Paratha

I for Indori Palak Ki Puri

J for Jalebi Paratha

K for Koraishutir Kochuri

L for Lifafa Paratha

M for Masala Paratha

N for Nachni chi Bhakri

O for Orotti

P for Peethi Ki Paronthi

Q for Qeema Naan

R for Roghni Roti

S for Seyal Fulka

T for Tikadia

U for Ubbu Roti

W for Warki Poori

X for Xacuti Potato Stuffed Paratha

Y for Yellow Pumpkin Masala Poori

Z for Zafrani Meetha Paratha

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  1. That is such a lovely collection of Indian flatbreads!! I have got to try making some of them soon! It was great doing this marathon with you!!

  2. I love these roundups , they are one stop read . I wonder how you managed these Indian Flatbreads inspite of you having so many Flatbreads on the blog . Great collection ! Kudos on working on both blogs !

  3. Such a lovely collection of different types of Indian flatbreads. Awesome compilation and a good source of 26 different types of flatbread. Kudos to you.

  4. wow such a beautiful journey came to an end. Loved running with all of you. Got to know more a little about you via stories. Thanks.

  5. The thing that I enjoyed most are the ones the behind the scenes .We get a glimpse of your family , the kids especially. And another thing is that I need to learning planning for the dishes from you and also admire your time management skills!! Hat’s off to your efforts and your skills!! IT was awesome doing this marathon with you Srivalli

  6. You have came up with seriously many interesting flatbreads Valli. I have few bookmarks from your space and hope a day i will make them without any fail. Enjoyed all your Indian flatbreads thoroughly.

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