Bhejetebil Chop | How to make Bengali Vegetable Chop

Bhejetebil Chop

Bhejetebil Chop or the Bengali Vegetable Chop is a quintessential dish from the Bengals. This is a deep fried vegetable cutlet that makes a sinful dish to be served during evening tea! While I don’t drink tea or make elaborate dishes for tea time, during weekends it is a custom to nibble or munch on […]

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Paneer Kulfi | Dressing up Rosgulla

Paneer Kulfi

Paneer Kulfi is an innovative Indian Kulfi made with leftover Rasgulla and condensed milk that surely makes a wonderful dessert anytime. As I had said yesterday, I had a load full of hard rasgulla that I had to reuse and recreate. So this Indian Kulfi made with condensed milk was an instant and quick sweet. […]

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Paneer Ladoo | Quick Ladoo with Rosgulla

Paneer Ladoo

Paneer Ladoo is an instant 3 Ingredient Recipe made with paneer, condensed milk, garnished with fresh coconut. Here hard Rosgullas are modified into ladoo. There are many ways to make this Paneer Ladoo, however, the simplest one to make it with condensed milk and fresh coconut. When I did the A to Z Bengali Sweets […]

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Holud Mishti Pulao | Bengali Sweet Saffron Polau

Holud Mishti Pulao

Holud Mishti Pulao or Bengali Sweet Saffron Polau is a special Durga Puja Dish made during the season. This is one of the Bengali’s comfort dish and very easy to make. I adapted mine from here and it is written in extent on how popular this dish is. It is a mandatory dish during Bengali […]

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Koraishutir Kochuri | Bengali Stuffed Peas Pooris

Koraishutir Kochuri

Koraishutir kochuri is a pea stuffed maida poori from Bengali and is one of the finest delicacies you can enjoy from their cuisine. Peas stuffed Pooris have been my favorite ever since I came to know about these. The first time was when I had visited Calcutta and got introduced to it in the city. […]

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Zafrani Sandesh | How to make Saffron Sandesh

Zafrani Sandesh

Zafrani Sandesh is my choice for Z in the A to Z Bengali Sweet Series. As expected there is no other choice for this letter in the regional language or in English. So the moment I came to plan Z, I immediately thought of Zafrani referring the Saffron Flavoured Sandesh. While there has been some […]

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Yogurt Frozen Sandesh | How to make Shrikhand Sandesh

Yogurt Frozen Sandesh

Shrikhand Sandesh or Yogurt Frozen Sandesh is my choice for Y in the A to Z Bengali Sweet Series. This is a delicious twist to the regular Shrikhand, where along with the creamy thick curds, you have the soft fresh chhana added. I have made this, even more, protein rich and delicious by adding the […]

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X’citing Dark Chocolate Sandesh Truffle

Xciting Dark Chocolate Sandesh

X’citing Dark Chocolate Sandesh Truffle is my choice for X in the A to Z Bengali Sweet Series. As it’s known we don’t have anything regional starting with X and so I decided I had to play with the starting letter. To me or rather my kids, there is nothing more exciting than dark chocolate […]

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White Chocolate Sandesh Truffle

White Chocolate Sandesh Truffle

White Chocolate Sandesh Truffle is my choice for W in the A to Z Bengali Sweet Series. In fact, this White chocolate Sandesh is what prompted me to make the Hot Chocolate Sandesh Truffle and when I thought about making a truffle, I decided to make all the dishes as truffles. I knew I won’t […]

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