Juar Jo Dodo | How to make Jowar Roti

Juar Jo Dodo

Juar Jo Dodo is a Sindhi style rustic bread made with sorghum or Jowar flour. It’s an easy dish to make and you can serve this for breakfast with just pickle. We are on J in the A to Z Indian Breakfast series and the other choice I had for J was Javvarisi or Sago. […]

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Sindhi Aloo Roast

Aloo Roast

Sindhi Aloo Roast is a sinful deep fried potato dish made with basic spice powders, yet tastes out of the world when served with rice dishes. I made this Aloo Roast as a side dish for Methi Matar wara Chawaran for the April Biryani/Pulao Festival. Vaishali made this when she had come down to help […]

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Daal Moong with Satpura ~ A Sindhi Special

For the second day of Combo Dishes, I selected to make Daal Moong with Satpura, a typical combination from the Sindhi Cuisine. As expected this was suggested by Vaishali and I went on to search for the recipe. Somehow this didn’t turn out in the search and I had to ask her for the link. […]

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Sindhi Dal, Aloo Took ~ Sindhi Meal with Dal and Aloo Tuk

We are starting the third week of Blogging Marathon Edition 28. I decided to take up Sindi dishes and thought long and hard on the dishes I should be making. I decided against the regular ones and wanted to try some really difficult ones. I also decided to refer my cookbooks rather than the online […]

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