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  1. Chef Mireille says

    yours came out great. I just finished making the sweet ones about 1/2 hr. ago. my shapes were a little funky especially with the savory ones. I got better 2nd time around with the sweet.
    However, it was such a yummy challenge!

  2. Manjula Bharath says

    wow thats an delicious sweet and savory version kordios 🙂 love the shape and pattern of making these 🙂 looks so crispy !!

  3. Priya Suresh says

    Sweet kordois are favourite now, i'll making savoury kordois soon.

  4. Hasna Hamza Layin says

    we make a similar snack named khaja ..both sweet and spinach and carrot is completely new twist to me.

  5. Pavani N says

    Enjoyed making these Kordois Valli. Savory version was different and tasted yummy.

  6. Padmajha PJ says

    Loved this challenge Srivalli. Thanks to my kids I made this twice within a week and they still want more.And as you rightly said we don;t repeat dishes that often!
    Lucky for you yaar, Konda is there to click.I am waiting for the day my lil one will grow up to help with all this 🙂
    And nice to know that she has started helping around in the kitchen 🙂

  7. vaishali sabnani says made both..and congratulations..Konda is going to be your assistant now..such a nice feeling when girls are there to help...hugs for her:)

  8. KParthasarathi says

    Hearing the names first time.But seeing the nice pictures,I feel both versions should be tasty.

  9. Srivalli says

    Thank you everybody!..

    PJ, I am sure your lil one will start helping you out soon..:) nice to know you already made these twice..I think I might do as well..:)

    KP You are right both the versions were really so must try if you cook..:)

  10. veena krishnakumar says

    I liked the savoury version and been a long time that i did some cooking for ICC. This is a must do now:-) And Kp does cook:-)

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