Cocoa Chocolate Pudding with Dark Chocolate Shavings

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For the final day of Kids Delight Creamy Food, I have a dark chocolate pudding. Did you think it was possible to wind up this theme without a treat for my kids? Well even if I think of doing it, it becomes impossible. When I started with this theme, I was actually not prepared with what I was going to make. Even though I had a rough idea on possible dishes, nothing got done ahead.
Then for Konda’s birthday, I bought an Eggless chocolate Truffle from Cakes and Bakes, which is my frequent cake shop. I got eggless, because I wanted to eat some cake, however when I had a piece, I realized how dry the cake was. The frosting was delicious, the cake was horrible. Baking eggless cakes myself and having known such soft cakes, I was so disappointed at the shops cake. I didnt’ even bother complaining. This was my last visit. 

I know I could have baked a cake myself and it would have been 100 times better than that pricey cake. I repented later. Anyway as I said the chocolate frosting was good and Konda was asking for the frosting. That made me remember chocolate pudding. I will be making her chocolate Ganache just for eating, meanwhile with all the kids at home, I know they will enjoy some chocolate indulgence.
I made this pudding in the morning, hoping to have this served for their lunch. Hubby dear called up to say it was delicious and teasingly asked if I used cooking chocolate to make the chocolate pudding. He always gets so amused when he sees the cooking chocolate bars. I said he need not get worried, I actually cooked it using cocoa powder! 

I already have a Chocolate Pudding made with Chocolate, couple of Mousse, one with Dark Chocolate, one with Nutella. A pudding can refer to custards, mousse. where basically a collagen agents are used to thicken the dish. Mousse on other hand typically refers to the light and fluffy nature that is achieve by folding in whipped cream. As expected I interchange the techniques at times, depending on time at hand.
Sending this to Mireille, who is hosting my Kid’s Delight, themed on Creamy Foods
And to my Anniversary Mela as well!


Cocoa Chocolate Pudding with Dark Chocolate Shavings
Ingredients Needed:
Milk – 3 cups
Sugar – 3/4 cups
Cocoa powder – 3/4 cup
Corn flour – 3 -4 tsp
Heavy Cream – 3 tbsp
For topping
Dark Chocolate Shaving
White Chocolate Chips
How to make the Chocolate Pudding
In a bowl, mix the corn flour, cocoa powder, sugar together. Slowly add the milk and combine well.
Heat a non stick pan and slowly add this mix to it. Keep stirring as the corn flour will start to coagulate quickly. Have the flame on low flame and continue stirring. It takes about 5 -6 mins for the entire mix to come together. Once cooled, add cream and fold well. 
Remove from flame and let it cool. I normally put it under fan and keep stirring as well to avoid the skin formation.
Once cooled, using a blender, blend well for the lumps to get evened out.
Transfer to a serving bowl, garnish with dark chocolate shaving and white chocolate chip.
If your dark chocolate is frozen, keep it in room temperature for your shavings to come out properly.
The amount of cocoa used till make this pudding mild to dark. I always tend to go overboard when using cocoa, so my pudding was basically bitter in taste.
Also I started with 2 cups, 1/2 cup sugar, 1/4 cup cocoa and increased it as I went on cooking. So using this as base, you can adjust to your taste.

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Cocoa Chocolate Pudding with Dark Chocolate Shavings

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  1. Yummy and I love the dark colored pudding which is so so inviting.

    My daughter's birthday in July and am already planning for her birthday party. I will definitely try this easy peasy chocolate pudding.

  2. Looks yuumy.
    I think my daughter has outgrown the phase of chocolate pudding or otherwise on every grocery trip she would ask me to buy bowls of pudding for her. 🙂

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