Beerakaya Gatti Pappu

Beerakaya Gatti Pappu - Simple Lunch Thali

Beerakaya Gatti Pappu is a thick dal with toor dal, ridge gourd, and garlic tempering. You can serve as a side dish or can be mixed with rice. A traditional Andhra dal, this is a very delicious one to enjoy. Today is our final day of the Mega BM themed on Thalis and Platters. We […]

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Lasooni Moong Dal Tadka

Lasooni Moong Dal

Lasooni Moong Dal Tadka is a garlicky dal made with moong dal and is mildly spiced. This can be served with pooris or rotis and is very quick to make. In the current cooking agenda that I have until April, I have too many pooris or rotis to make. So one of the frequent side […]

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Dhaba Style Dal Fry

Dhaba Style Dal Fry is a delicious dal made with a mix of dals. When I was planning the Punjabi Thali, I decided I would pick a dal, since I have already shared some couple of Dal Fry, Takda Dal, I had this in my collection of dals, that I have collected over the years. When I was going […]

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Parsi Style Masoor Daal

The other dish that I made with Vaghareli Khichri was this Masoor dal, parsi style. I made Tareli Vengna ni pori as a side as well. Though Hubby Dear didn’t like the Brinjal much, I enjoyed it and the over all experience of serving all these three dishes was good.  Though I had planned some more elaborate […]

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