Brinjal Curry ~ Easy Side Dish for Biryani

Brinjal Curry

Brinjal Curry is an Easy Side Dish for Biryani that can be done very quickly. Biryanis always are served with some raita and gravy on the side and this dish is very apt for it. First of all, when we make Biryanis, we always end up making something on the side as well. So you […]

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Weekend Party Vegetarian Thali Menu Ideas

Brinjal Curry - Vegetarian Thali Menu

Weekend Party Vegetarian Thali Menu Ideas have dishes that can help you quickly plan for a vegetarian party meal. This can have a one pot rice, Indian Breads, with easy side dishes. For the final thali in Regional Special, I have a thali showcasing dishes prepared for a special occasion at home. This occasion can […]

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Aadi Krithigai | Aadi Krithigai Recipes

Aadi Krithigai Festival Recipes

Even though all of us follow the English Calendar for all our activities, the Indian States have their own calendars and months that are different from the English Calendar. Aadi Maasam or Month marks the beginning of the festival season. This year it began on July 17. For a non conformist, keeping track of all […]

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Thayir Sadam | Spicy Seasoned Curd Rice

For all festivals we make the curd rice along with serving the curds and rice as well. This is because the curd rice is prepared in the morning and is allowed to settle down with the different spices and flavours that gets added to it. Curds/Yogurt is part and parcel of all South Indian meals. […]

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Udupi Thali | How to plan Udupi Lunch Menu

  Udupi Cuisines is one of the renowned cuisines of South India. It takes its name from city, Udupi in the state of Karnataka. The Udupi cuisine has its origin in Ashta matha of Udupi founded by Jagadguru Madhvacharya. Udupi cuisine comprises dishes made primarily from grains, beans, vegetables, and fruits. The variety and range […]

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Balekai Kodilu | Raw Banana Sambar ~ Udupi Style Sambar

For the third day of Indian States, under BM#56, Buffet on Table, I am going to give you a feast from the Udupi Cuisine. Of all the cuisines of Karnataka, Udupi Cuisine is very famous and renowned for its vegetarian feast. As you all might know already, I am very fond of Indian Thalis and […]

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Vegetable Biryani | Special Lunch Thali ~ Step by Step

I thought I must at least make another thali before this month ends, for making it to the Indian Thali Mela. I have really enjoyed making these thalis and the many thalis that so many bloggers have made for me. I have always been so attached to the concept of Thalis. Even when I normally […]

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Beetroot Rasam | Step by Step Recipe

When I was cooking a thali couple of weeks ago, I took out a clipping from my paper cuttings that had loads of rasams. I was upset that I hadn’t seen that paper before, else I might have taken up making all those rasams for the BM, when I had the theme couple of editions […]

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